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  1. Hi, I've played 5 missions and enjoyed this campaign so much, but just want to report that the tacan yardstick isn't working except in mission one. Is this the mission setting or did I miss something? I believe the steps I did was correct. And it's clearly written in the knee board with the tacan frequency for each aircraft in the flight.
  2. Did you create a WP2 while starting up? I did that in my first two attempts and Blade just flew all the way to the east and never catch up. So in my third try, I didn't create any new WP and it worked for me. But I'm not sure if this was the case or not.
  3. Have you linked the static object to the carrier?
  4. As I noticed (after recent update), the designated target point will overwrite selected waypoint coordinate. Track attached hereby. Designation overwrite WP bug report.trk
  5. Agreed, I also don't want allocate too much CPU power to simulate waves interacting with vessel movements, random pitching & rolling sounds fair enough.
  6. Mission one is a qualification that allows you to play this campaign.
  7. I was right on time at 12 11 30 when I pass my target, and I've selected recorder as RDDI/HUD/Auto, but I got 80 score twice, could I see how I lost the 20? Or what should I do to complete a 100. RE EDIT: 3rd try, 100, love this campaign
  8. Hey guys, As I was reading the Navy's tactical formation, I was confused withthe shorthand symbology section. It didn't explain how to use hand gestures to perform these symbols, does anyone know and kindly explain how to do this? thanks a lot. nullSource: CNATRA P-1288 (Rev. 05-20), page 12, figure 1-1
  9. After another test, I found the issue. 1) if you select (box) AGM-88 in the weapon STORE page, it will enter HARM mode, and everything will work (TOO, PB, SP all works), meanwhile the HARM on the top left corner is boxed. 2) if you didn't select AMG-88 but go directly to HRM DISPLAY page, the HARM on the top left corner isn't boxed, and TOO & PB mode won't work, only SP will work when aircraft is locked.
  10. here comes the track. As you can see, I did three attempts to switch back to TOO when I was locked by the SA-8, yet every time it automatically switched back to SP mode. Strangely, this bug randomly happens, sometimes it was normal but sometimes it auto switch to SP mode. HARM auto switch to SP mode bug report.trk
  11. Hi guys, Recently I was retraining the hornet HARM, under TOO mode, when my own aircraft is locked by a radar, the HARM mode was automatically switched to SP mode, I tried to push button beside TOO, but it jumps to SP mode very quickly. Just wonder if this is normal or a bug? As I don't think it used to work before. If this is normal, what if I don't want to attack another radar emitter other than the one that locked me. Thanks.
  12. No you can't use it in your left hand because the mouse movement will be up side down.
  13. i have the same issue on my hornet ATFLIR, when the view is maximized, slewing TDC will cause jittering issue.
  14. Thanks, this is helpful Hi, looks like a game bug rather than mission bug. Sorry for my prompt report, as I hadn't encountered guns reticle bug in other missions before, but had it twice in this campaign.
  15. In mission 8, taking back MV Batillus which is anchored at the dock of a small island. Default mission load is 6x AIM-9x and 2x AGM-65F. The AGM-65F is used to taken out the AAA artillery. When I switch to guns to attack the F-5E on the runway, the guns trajectory drifted too much away from my aim point. In the previous mission, when I tried to use guns to take out the convoy on the road, I countered the same drifting issue. I'm using CCIP mode and I can successfully and easily take out ground unit by using guns when in a training mission, whether with cross wind or no wind. My question is, does anyone else encounter the same guns drifting issue with this campaign? Is this a general bug or intended setting? should I switch to MAN mode and adjust the aiming point manually? Thanks guys!
  16. You don't need a surface to use this mouse, there're 3 touch point on the side of this finger mouse device, holding the left point will activate mouse pointer moving mode, which means you can use your finger's movement in the air to move the mouse pointer. Tapping on the middle point will be mouse left click and tapping the right point is right click. There's also a slider above these 3 touch point, which will simulate mouse wheel scroll.
  17. aha, i see, thanks man. I'm indeed too blunt to start this post before i even try it. But as far as I know, it only activates when you're holding the side pad so it shouldn't collide with the grip or stick, anyway, i'll do a review later.
  18. I only use this for clicking and flicking buttons and switches, not used for throttle grip.
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