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  1. Can't access the TouchBuddy sites. Are they down or is it just me?
  2. Server temporarily not available :( Maybe someone could mirror it or you load it up to youtube?
  3. Dagger98, where do you live? I would try ebay, in ebay Germany there are several dealers at the moment, one sells for 159 Euro, no shipping costs to Germany - I guess they wouldnt't charge too much for shipping to other countries.
  4. Maybe you want to try the new 162.18 drivers for XP. I installed them on my 7800 GTX and they seem to work fine. Good fps in LockOn and FSX and the readme says, that they fixed some graphics corruption in LockOn for 7 series cards. Don't know however if they do anything to other cards. And for those who play IL2: The black ring in the water is history now:thumbup:
  5. Hi all, was thinking whether upgrading from my TrackIR 3 with vector expansion to TrackIR 4:Pro would make sense. Anybody who made this change and can tell me whether it's worth it or whether I should stay with the old one?
  6. Considering what you have done for the community by developing TouchBuddy (and what's even more: for free) you oughta get a copy of Black Shark from ED for free. And meanwhile ED and all beta testers should give you any beta versions and support you need.
  7. I ordered my CD-box directly from ED for 14.95 USD:music_whistling:
  8. Hi all, anybody been on the Ergodex website lately to search for Vista drivers for the DX1? If not: Save your time, you will probably never get them:mad: On their homepage the question is not "When will I get Vista support from Ergodex", the question is "What can I do to get Vista support". And the answer they give you inbetween the lines is simply: Go and buy our pad again, but the new one we distribute via CH Products. They refuse to comment on any plans wether or not the DX1 will be supported by Vista - and for me that's a rather clear: No, it won't be:mad: Man, I bought the DX1 1.5 years ago and spent a lot of money for that thing that I don't need anymore since TouchBuddy came out - and now I can put it in the garbage can. If you complain in their forums, your postings are deleted shortly after:huh: You decide for yourself what consequences you see from that "customer support". I for myself will never again spend a dime on Ergodex products, and now they work together with CH I'm not so sure about CH anymore. Just thought I'd spread the word (and I hope many more will do on other forums).
  9. Same problem here. For me this seems to help: Start LockOn, quit without playing and start it again. Most of the time I can use overcast and bad weather then.
  10. You don't really expect an answer in these forum, do you?!?!?!? :doh: :lol:
  11. Hey zorlac, don't be amazed - simply be proud of it :thumbup: That's a damn fine piece of software you created. By the way: The same goes to WBK and his Toolkit.
  12. Nice vids WBK, see you're using TBTK 3 already (of course;) ) Been very quiet lately about TB and TBTK, also in the TB forum. Any news on the new versions?
  13. Everything works fine again. My provider switched something for my router
  14. No chance for me:mad: Ironhand, I also can't reach your site. Just wondered why I see only the "red X" in your sig, tried to klick on it...and also get an error message (website cannot be displayed blabla...). What the hell is going on here? Does anybody else have similar problems? By the way, my provider is the german 1&1 Internet AG. They seem to have very big problems the last few weeks with internet phoning and internet availability. Could it be, that it is their fault, that I can't reach some websites, but others work fine? Oh, and I'm using IE7 at the moment, but IE6 on another machine also doesn't work.
  15. Tried to download the latest TrackIR software (to use with FSX), but their site seems to be down. Have been trying since yesterday. Any ideas?
  16. Thanks for your answers. Just ordered Vista - and starting to save "some" money for a DX10-card (yep, I know, LockOn won't benefit from DX10, but I guess FSX will).
  17. AMD FX-60 here with 2 Gigs of nice OCZ RAM and XFX 7800 GTX 512. And FSX is a real pain. Up to now I regret having bought it. You have to turn everything so much down to achieve somewhat acceptable FPS, that it looks like FS2004 and still has worse FPS. Guess that may change with Vista and DX10, but, on the other hand, this will also demand a new graphics card. :( I was so lucky with my rig and LockOn, and now FSX comes out and Blck Shark is going to come (and surely eat some more resources than FC) - bah, I hate these annual hardware upgrades (and don't ask my wife about that :music_whistling: )
  18. Just what the title says: Has anyone of you installed the Vista Beta and tried if LockOn runs? Maybe you also tried if TrackIR 3, Touchscreens (with Egalax drivers and TouchBuddy), Saitek X-52 and perhaps Ergodex DX1 still work?
  19. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I can remember that there was a problem when downgrading to an earlier version. This could be solved by running the attached "Lockon.bat" once instead of Lockon.exe. This will run the also included "deleteobsoletefiles.bat". Maybe you want to give it a try. But please make a copy of your LockOn folder first, I'm not responsible if anything goes wrong :music_whistling: lockon.zip
  20. This new system will surely be a big improvement over your current one, but don't expect to have found the Holy Grail with it. Dual-core makes no sense for Lock On. And do you really want to get a GeForce 5900 or was that just a typo? End of last year I bought a new "dream"-system, FX60, GeForce 7800 GTX 512, 2 Gig's of RAM...well, nice FPS most of the time, but still not possible to max out everything and constantly have a fluid gameplay. Also smoke and explosions still give a big FPS hit. And I'm afraid that Black Shark won't give us a performance improvement.
  21. Definitely TIR and Touchscreen with TouchBuddy; couldn't do without them anymore. Hotas is nice to have, but not essential. Though I have an X52 I could live with an ordinary joystick, especially because the ministick doesn't work too well for target designating (it did on the X45, so that one was a big step back for Saitek).
  22. Also have that crash problem with my nVidia 7800 GTX. For me it seems to help when I start FC, quit it immediately without playing and start FC again.
  23. As far as I know Lock On doesn't need Open GL but DirectX 8.0 support. Not sure if your chip supports it.
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