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  1. Bigger bombs make bigger holes which take more time to fix ...
  2. Wow! Thank you, I will test this out over the weekend and let you know how I get on once I have finished moving house.
  3. Thanks Big Man, Yeah the sun is pretty high boss but to be honest this now happens at all sun heights, my gamma is 1.7 but I have tried it at 2.0 and get the same shining effect. I have checked with other people I fly with and mentioned on my stream before too and others are confirming they are seeing the same glint off the deck. It never used to be this bad mate, although your screenshots look fine, I can't get any visual on the Landing Area until Im in close to the boat deep in the groove, when entering the groove all I see is the sunlight reflecting back up at me as if its a wet ice rink. Cheers for your time!
  4. Some months ago we got an update that removed the deck lines in the mission editor so in the top down view in ME you could not see the deck lines. This was patched a few months ago and ever since the carrier deck has been extremely shiny making identifying the landing area, particularly when the carrier is sailing towards the sun very difficult to see. Its a problem from all angles but at its worst when the carrier has the sun off the bow. IRL the deck is covered in anti skip material and this does not reflect light as much as it does in the game. I appreciate an argument can be made for deck weathering/ageing and also oil/fuel spillages but the effect seems way over done and its as if the deck is 100% smooth and covered in water. Please can some changes be made to the deck to make getting a visual on LA easier, it causing a lot of issues for pilots entering the groove to identify where to line up properly as all you see is the sunlight reflecting off a smooth surface.
  5. Current implementation has runways repaired after 60 minutes regardless of what weapon is used to crater them. It would be fantastic if this time could be changed by the mission designer in the ME somehow to specify how long a runway takes to repair depending on the size of the weapon that hits it. eg- 500lbs bomb = 1 hour repair time 1000lbs bomb = 2 hour repair time 2000lbs bomb = 4 hour repair time.
  6. @Grimes @toutenglisse @dark_wood Gentlemen thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me, things are becoming clearer now and the possibilities are becoming exciting, I'm definitely catching the scripting bug! Next question, is there anyway I can respawn only the units that have not been killed by the enemy team. Example. I have an SA2 site (R/QESHM/SA2/2), I want to spawn that in when a client gets close as per your instructions above. However say that client then kills two units in that SA2 group then flys away. I want to be able to despawn the SA2 group once the client leaves the zone, then if a client comes back into the zone respawn the SA2 group but with the two units that were previously killed missing from the group. Is this possible?
  7. Im running into an interesting issue with this mate. When I run - if not Group.getByName('R/QESHM/SA2/2') then trigger.action.activateGroup('R/QESHM/SA2/2') end With the group set to Late Activation, they still don't spawn. The only way I can get them to spawn in by adding a deactivateGroup trigger after the activateGroup trigger (even in the same DO action). So if I do - if not Group.getByName('R/QESHM/SA2/2') then trigger.action.activateGroup('R/QESHM/SA2/2') end trigger.action.deactivateGroup(Group.getByName'R/QESHM/SA2/2') then if not Group.getByName('R/QESHM/SA2/2') then mist.respawnGroup('R/QESHM/SA2/2', true) end The group spawns. If I don't do it this way, they don't activate at all. Am I doing something wrong, or will I have to use this activate, deactivate and respawn logic? I have attached a small mission with the trigger set up to show the issue. Spawn_Test.miz
  8. Thank you so much sir! The respawn part makes perfect sense now, sorry, I'm a total scripting noob. Built 100s of missions but always used the in game editor GUI, I'm trying to use scripting more now and the struggle is real.
  9. Im trying to build a mission that has all SAMS set to late activation, I want these SAMS to activate once a player gets within a certain zone. I'm trying to use MIST to spawn the SAM groups in however when I use - if not Group.getByName('R/QESHM/SA2/2') then mist.respawnGroup('R/QESHM/SA2/2', true) end This only works if the unit is NOT set to Late Activation. To get it to work I have to spawn the group in at the start of the mission then use - trigger.action.deactivateGroup(Group.getByName'R/QESHM/SA2/2') To turn the SAM group off then use the above MIST trigger to get it to spawn in. Is there anyway around this? Can I have the group just set to late activation so it doesn't spawn in at the mission start and can be spawned by MIST when a player enters a zone? Or do I have to use the DCS triggers for the initial spawn in?
  10. Is this still being looked at? I personally have 32GB of ram and find that from time to time my rig really struggles on this map however I also fly with users who have 64GB of RAM who also complain of the same stuttering struggles I have. I appreciate that its not an easy fix but getting this map to perform as well as others in DCS would be a huge win for the community as many people just simply can't take part in MP events and servers running this map due to the high memory usage / memory leak that goes on in it.
  11. On the TSD page the wind reading you get is reversed from what you get in the mission. If you notice on the screen shot attached the wind read out on the aircraft says its coming from the West however the wind sock is indicating the wind is coming from the East (check ihads heading tape). After flying the aircraft I confirmed that the wind was indeed coming from the East after cross checking the airspeed vs ground speed.
  12. Please guys, I don't mean to be a total layman but surely this can't be a lot of work to implement into the stream. Currently we are using containers as substitutes and they look ok but we really need HESCO barriers to take our FARPS/Camps to the next level. There are some fantastic mods available with HESCO Barriers but this kind of thing in the core game would be hugely beneficial to the whole community without the need to go out and installed mods.
  13. Thanks for the all the positive feedback guys, although I have to confess I think I may have accidentally misled some of you. The footage from the start of the video where the aircraft is not moving at all is when I have 'Active Pause' engaged to enable me to explain what is going on and show you the cockpit displays, sadly I'm not that good just yet that I can maintain an absolutely perfect hover. I am doing the hovering manually however after the first missile shot without Active Pause engaged using trim and very small input adjustments.
  14. I honestly didn't move it my friend, I thought it came up there for everyone else too
  15. +1 on this. While I 100% appreciate its going to get easier with time to master the trim its just too easy to get yourself in a horrible mess, particularly when you're changing flight regimes to and from the hover as our sticks at home don't stay in the same position as the real aircraft does when force trim is used.
  16. Heard from an Apache pilot that when the front seat selects the Hellfire the Laser should 'power' on with the missile (not fire). Current implementation means that in Multiplayer the CPG has to manually turn the laser ON before firing it by going to WPS - UTIL - LSR and making sure the circle is solid next to the Laser selection, which is causing a lot of confusion because this is not mentioned anywhere in any manuals.
  17. I don't have any misunderstandings of TWS vs RWS, I was referring to people engaging in RWS using STT. I never once talk about going STT using TWS yet you bang on about it being the same in TWS and RWS like you think you're teaching me something in some hyper critical manner. I was also giving people advice on how to use the Hornet radar in 'DCS' as we have it, not how you think it's supposed to work in real life, again you seem to have gone off on some nonsensical random tangent ranting on about things I never even mentioned. The video has helped literally 1000s of people who have given me loads of positive feedback on how it has improved their experience using the radar. It's a tutorial on the way I use the radar as a GAMER not as a fighter pilot and the way I demonstrate it works perfectly well and people will get results from it. The methods shown in the video work, no amount of nit picking will change that, I set out to help people use the radar better and I did just that, you can stop your little crusade now.
  18. To add to this, there seems to also be an issue with Red F-16s getting PPLI to work. In one of our missions (Operation Blowdown) PPLI works perfectly well for the F-16 for clients that join in the same group. For another mission (Operation Northern Storm) clients who join the same group CANNOT get PPLI to work despite both missions have the aircraft set up identically. I have even tried moving the EPLRS from Advanced Action 2 to Advanced Action 1 with no joy. To recreate this get two clients. Join the same F-16 group on Operation Blowdown and observe that PPLI works between both fighters when aircraft is powered up, you see wingman is blue once alignment is complete. Now join the same group on Operation Northern Storm and observe that even though both clients are in the SAME group, PPLI does not work Op_Northern_Storm_v6.miz S_Op_Blowdown_V6.2.miz
  19. For some reason clients that are flying Red aircraft on the US Aggressor coalition get degraded datalink performance from the AWACS in game. If you place a BLUE client X nm away from a Red AWACS he WILL see the enemy AWACS on datalink, If you place a RED client X nm away from a Blue AWACS he will NOT see the enemy AWACS on datalink. I have attached a mission where you can clearly see this problem in action. Simply join the Blue hornet slot and look at the SA page, you will see 3 friendly AWACS and 3 enemy AWACS on SA. Now join the Red Hornet slot and you will only see 3 friendly AWACS and no enemy AWACS despite the enemy aircraft being well within range to be picked up by the Red AWACS and info displayed on Datalink. I have also attached some screen shots (2nd post), you can clearly see the Blue Datalink shows the enemy aircraft but the Red Datalink does not. DATALINK_BUG.miz
  20. Squadron: 104th Phoenix VFBS Timezone: EU/US Maps: All
  21. This couldn't be better news for the community! Digital Eurofighter Simulator here we come!!!!!!!!!!!
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