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  1. So lucky thanks for sharing the experience!
  2. Engine damage with overspeed is the one I would really love to see implemented.
  3. Thanks great work as always.
  4. Number 2 for me looks more free moving when it comes to dark colors and light colors blending and over running. Very clean!
  5. Good to hear! :) Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  6. Found a decent documentary on the F-5 seems it's still used as a chase plane by NASA and that it can still tango with newer US fighters being used on exercises by opposing forces by Top US pilots. Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks will listen tonight. First timer hehe
  8. Looking forward to this one, I've always tended to enjoy Helicopters more and was going to get the Gazelle but read there's no FBB support at the moment so eyeing up the F-5. Love Belsimteks work have all their modules - the mig. :thumbup:
  9. Great thanks for the headsup am sure if it changes someone will post here. :book:
  10. Hi all, Sorry this has likely been asked tons of times but I've been away from the community for sometime and am wanting to dust off my joystick. Don't think there has been a better time to with these exciting releases upcoming. Anyway when I was around the new flight model was going to be a paid for upgrade is this still the case or is everyone going to be upgraded. See theirs some issues with the Hawk at the moment having worked on the beta team and with Chris before life got busy I hope it's not to long before it's stable again. Regards TimeKilla Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  11. Hi buddy, good to see you! yep indeed come back and there's all these shiny new builds lol :megalol:
  12. Thanks glad it's being used. :thumbup: I will be planning on updating the X52 Pro profile for the Huey after May this year.
  13. I reinstalled windows everything seems to be working now is there any idea what the issue was, was this a hack was anything compromised or just a server mishap.
  14. Possible hack My dads credit card was hacked from person(s) unknown strangely I had just used to to buy a WW2 aircraft from this site I know for a fact this site is fine and nothing to do with it they tried to take £500 worth of clothes from NEXT. The credit company was on its toes and stopped it but now I cant login to eagle.ru to check my modules to see if they have been stolen aswell my steam seems ok. I Cant change password just go around and around never allowing me tho saying its changed. Can't wait for help guys already good to rebuy an X52 Pro, TrackiR 5 Thanks for your time.
  15. Loving the last video the power in that fighter is crazy! :helpsmilie:
  16. Dang who knows we might one day find yourself bored of DCW2 and moving on the the latest and greatest thing which will hopefully be DCW3 :thumbup: Sorry little off topic.
  17. Hope you can get a driver that works for both buddy. TimeKilla
  18. Done a fresh install of Hawk just before lastest DCS patch and the Hawk startup works as it should can't dup.
  19. Enjoy learning how to fly, how the technology within works. Learning real world procedures once I've learned the basics.
  20. Thanks not been in the Mi-8 that much looking forward to getting to know her better.
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