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  1. Haptics and Force Feedback along with VR all function.even together. Yes Ww2 warbirds are a Handful and very difficult to fly. The bf109 had the reputation of killing its own new pilots bacuse of the torque and poor landing gear.movies and games make them look easy. DCS is the top of the tree when it comes to sims. IL2 is below that in the middle and War Thunder below that near the bottom with arcade phisics made to act real. Point is dcs is the place you want the real deal. And thats why Dcs despite the learning curvs and costs is one of the last surviving simulators.
  2. One thing Ive learned from the F14,Hind and Gazelle, is that(Co-pilots) the screens and equipment are all reacting and moving as if I were doing it myself. This is wasted resources that could otherwise be used elsewhere.Things NOT needed are Sync'd - Co-pilot head tracking MFDs,Stick and other 'active' objects inside the co-pilots seat that otherwise cannot be seen. For those who want to see the co-pilots screens and equipment, add a checkbox option to enable/disable it.
  3. This is a more relevant video. YeahNoNooonooo
  4. 120s seemed to find each other,fuel tanks and friendlies and kill them just fine. and 120s that seem to shoot you down every night seem to hit you just fine when they are shot by someone who knows how to shoot them. Think all this shows is a big chunk of 120 spammers have the flight IQ of DCS Ai from 2005. *edit* the lazy route of adding in 50 ai spamming amramms so you dont have to do 50 seperate tests kinda didnt help ya here. just sayin'
  5. I honestly love the idea of references to help figure out speeds,alts and radar sightlines. However infront of the aircraft is too cluttered. I would do away with the 1-2-3-4-5-6 infront of the aircraft, You already have two on either side of the aircraft (I think you only need one but, its out of the way so not a big deal) (And personally the sides as the rings serves no numerical purposes that I can find) Also the references on the top should be more streamlined with ALT on the top and Speed appearing on the bottom(Of the Line) going Left to right from Low to High (in value) And I personally think that you only need 1 Legend and not 7. I would put one on the bottom out of the way infront of the aircraft to declutter the screen.
  6. Next time you have No idea what you're talking about, shouldn't talk about it like ya do chap. And since you didnt get the first analogy I'll explain it like you're 12. ED owns DCS. 'DCS F-14B'. NOT 'Heatblur F-14B' So when you Buy the F-14B who gets money?(ill answer for you since you're inept) ED Then HeatBlur gets a % from ED. Which means ED profits from F-14B sales, that you seem to think they are against. Take your 'Playstation vs Xbox' argument elsewhere kid, dont make me say it athird time.
  7. Never will know unless you actually look at it. People doubted we wern't the center of the universe and all they had to do was look up at night. Considering how Basic and simple Petro is vs Making an Ai "As realistic as possible" ALREADY Considering everyone really hates Jester Ejecting randomly, Losing Lock on non-maneuvering targets on a sunny calm day, and random call outs that make no sense. Sounds alot like something a marketing team would say and not a programing team with a deadline. (Probably why hide nor hair is around) Petro is their "Greatest Edge" according to you? Boi... And Ed has helped other Third parties in the past so why would it be a problem now? (besides it triggering you) Its not like Third Parties make 100% and give ED 0% Its not like Petrovich is going to be flying the Apache Its not like anyone bought the Mi24P JUST BECAUSE of Petrovich Its not like anyone bought the F-14 JUST BECASUE of Jester So why is it a problem? Why is it so outrageous? Besides the idea triggering you of course.
  8. Wanna throw my ten cents in. The "CCIP" sight, is calculated using Gyros, So its abit SLOWER to respond. So what you need to do, is line your shots up well in advance (using the CCIP pipper) and hold that until you get within max range. Be gentle, and she'll land hits. Another bit, if you get "Too close" things will be movind fast, and it'll miscaculate. so keep practicing and you'll get a feel for when the sight gets on point, and when it gets off. So you can switch to the StaticSight.
  9. Would actually be like Crysler giving FIATS the same Traction control programming. Competitors until you realize both are owned by the same Parent company. Why should you do it? Cause it would make one of your products sell better than it would without it as people who want Crysler pickup trucks (F-14B) are looking at Crysler pickup trucks (F-14B) and not FIAT tiny cars (Mi-24P). And people who want Fiat Tiny cars(Mi-24P) are looking at Fiat Tiny cars(Mi-24P) and not Crysler Pickup Trucks.(F-14B) I understand the "Xbox vs Playstation" mentality but it holds no power here. *edit* and to answer your question with another question, Why wouldn't you want one of your products to sell better?
  10. Would make the F14 a little bit more useful solo and would make it more fun. And it could be litterally copy and pasted, add more fun to Solo players in multi.
  11. I ditch all weapons ASAP, pop the gear down, and try to slowly Auto-rotate down, once you get into ground effect it can actually maintain flight. Be gentle and you can limp her back to base.
  12. Being too violent with the controls and collective. Where as with a Huey it just bogs the RPM down, in the HIND all the systems rely on that rpm to function. There is no reason to be so violent with the controls.
  13. +1 since you can manipulate teh controls already, Just text pop up on the top right of what the setting is.
  14. There is a loadout where you get 8 ATGMs and 2x 20 Rockets, just upgrade them to 32 count and it gives me no issues.
  15. The text on the top right above each AP indicator (Yaw,Pitch Roll) should change colors depending (Normal white for ON, Dark Red for OFF) Its mostly ease of access otherwise I have to look down and left to see what system is on, and this is all for ease of access afterall.
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