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  1. +1 this is an issue also in the other famous civil aircraft sim
  2. One of my greatest concern about VR is human-machine interaction (using the mouse to control things in cockpit in VR is a HUGE immersion breaker for me). This tech is a promise to remove the need to use the mouse in the future days of VR (although it seems a little bit "in its early days" judging by the video ) . Keep up the good work!
  3. Improvements in this area would make all CAS missions more alive and realistic (I'm thinking about my A-10C)
  4. Yes water rendering needs work, just like ED did with the sky. Let's wait and hope, ED will deliver top quality water visual simulation I'm sure.
  5. I'm having the exact same issue, subscribing to this thread. Thanks @BIGNEWY for the report
  6. Yep here too, it's more obvious for middle layers (e.g. in a three layer preset, the bottom and top ones don't bounce, the middle one does a lot)
  7. In night time flying this is a great issue.
  8. This!! It's really hard to believe that airport headlights don't light airplane for performance reasons, but hundreds of small lightsources light up civilian traffic correctly and that doesn't cause performance issues.
  9. It seems that the discord server isn't working anymore? It shows only the rules channel:
  10. I don't think so, if you notice the shimmering is there in the 2.7 promo videos. You can see it in action even looking at far clouds near the horizon...
  11. Same issue here, yesterday in Nevada. I'll post a track asap.
  12. I have a 2080ti too and with the G2 I had shimmering and aliasing even with msaa 2x and 100% steamvr resolution. Cockpit looked fine (within the tiny tiny sweet spot), external objects showed a very rapid degradation with distance (10 meters +). Is a mix of useless AA tech (MSAA is pretty useless in 2D 3440x1440 monitor too) and not enough ppi for simming without shimmering. Some people just don't/won't notice.
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