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  1. Hi Whenever i start up DCS, i get a Prompt to install SU33 Free. Useless since i have FC3 like forever and it is installed, also i just flew the SU33 to check. What should i do with this Prompt? Click Yes? Does this mess up things? Ignore? Get more Prompts if other Modules decide to prompt me? Greetings
  2. Maybe too low for bomb to correct its flypath?
  3. See, i did not know that it is continous generation, as you already guessed, i thought Slew and Designate and done, rest is math. Thanks for pointing that out. :thumbup: Edit: As a example, lets take a dumb bomb, TGP aiming at Top of High Building, so Impact Point will we behind the Building where TGP LOS hits ground, if i got the concept right.
  4. I remember having a fail hit caused by constant lasing, i always go Auto Lase 12 sec settings, 10 sec. sounds good to me too. I mean i don`t have a formula, Try and error with different Drop heights for me. Edit: And i lase the object while TMS UP long, to make sure the object is calculated and not the ground behind the object, in case the TGP uses just Lens angle and Aircraft Height to calculate.
  5. I am 100% sure for TGP that i slew it in Circles, searching Areas. And 99% sure i did same to get it on top of a 2nd Tank target Forgot to type "with Mavs" in 99% Line :doh:
  6. I am 100% sure for TGP that i slew it in Circles, searching Areas. And 99% sure i did same to get it on top of a 2nd Tank target Edit: Warthog Throttle with analog Stick here, cant exactly see from Google Images if your Ministick is Analog too. Edit2: Product Description says 2 Axis Ministick, this sounds like digital, am i right?
  7. 1.2 RC2 Blue and Red both starting from LAR Airbase Iran?
  8. Log Attached. I miss the interceptors, was fun to have multiple flights in the air :cry: Hope it's for both sides, so i am also not allowed to scramble Interceptors for their CAS Attack at me, else a bit unfair. logs.txt
  9. Started new Campaign SP 1.2RC1 -Creates no Mission if "Commit" is pressed. Looks like __init__.py is not working anymore or something.
  10. Wow great. Will Test soon. Ty. Yep confirm, works like a charm.
  11. Here, from the most recent attack on Sir Abu. attack2.zip
  12. Yes played Attack missions, i fully read and understood the manual you provided on github :thumbup: Capturing Al Maktoum and Al Mindad worked flawless. Sir Abu did not, again. Maybe just a difference in the naming of that base, i saw already 3 Versions to name that island. Files further down
  13. Anyone able to Capture Sir Abu Ny'ar Island? i have already flown approx 15 Missions from both Al Dhaffra and Al Maktoum, log always saying my Abrams have Base captured Status, back in the app it says Mission Success, but that base just change its icon to smaller or larger like random and won't get blue.... i am clueless.
  14. Problem gelöst, entgegen der Recommended Einstellung hab ich es woanders hin installiert, anstatt Programme(x86). ..weil irgendwas war mit Windows und der möglichkeit in Programme(x86) keinen zugriff zu haben, hab ich wo gelesen.. Ergebnis: Programm startet super, und auch die Game List Updates, die vorher immer "Server verweigert Zugriff" ausgegeben haben, laufen tadellos. Von der Warnung im TrackIR Installer, das das Programm probleme machen könnte bei Custom Installationsort, merk ich nichts. -dies nur als Info, falls irgendwer mal über den Thread stolpert mit dem Problem-
  15. Exit mission, don't save log, load in mission Editor, edit Client slot to flight leader, replay.
  16. It works for me, army and Ressources are carried over to next session. Nice work man. Hreich: persian gulf map needed Correct Installation including file path edits in mcgm.cmp and commenting out First lines starting with "sanetize..." in missionscripting.lua files by putting -- in Front. Use notepad+ for file edits.
  17. Missing file. Yes, that is explaining it. Imagine our faces trying to get it working:megalol: Thanks for the Update. Will Download and Test monday.:thumbup: Greetings Foss
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