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  1. I wasn't being fasciculus, I was stating the reality of it. Don't be in such a hurry to go negative.
  2. Next Launch isn't the same as "next target" in games.
  3. Because its a simulation and the targeting systems in the Tomcat didn't have a next target button.
  4. Glad to help. Happy flying.
  5. I'd try a repair before a reinstall.
  6. No issue here. Are you switching views to watch the bomb or something? Just wondering if its an OC issue or the like.
  7. Grabbing an extra large tub of popcorn!!
  8. Gladman


    Id definitely buy the 104. Probably wouldn't fly it that much, but yeah, immediate buy.
  9. I identify as Yak Face from the Star Wars universe and I demand the cockpits be made larger to properly fit my massive cranium.
  10. Sounds like it will be possible with Vulcan IF the developer decides to implement it. Soooo, thats a long shot.
  11. "For young women or people of color, not seeing yourself in these roles makes it harder to imagine being able to ever do it yourself" Yet they do it every day.
  12. Definitely trying this one. I usually don't use labels but there's times a guy just wants to blow stuff up.
  13. whatever lets you sleep at night
  14. FB bad. No buy for this guy.
  15. I do both. I depends on my mood and the mission. Probably 60% manual startup, 40% ready on the ramp. I never use auto-start.
  16. Set your dead zone on your x and y axis a little higher. I believe mine is at 6 for both.
  17. Honestly I love them both but the Hornet lands on carriers and thats the nudge for the win.
  18. I'm not sure who you think is excited. Certainly I understand not wanting to make a topic political, however an immediate jump to a conclusion the statements are made in anger is also unnecessary.
  19. You are correct. I'd say that a country of such a small population with better than a trillion dollars in debt and a focus on importing illegal immigrants can't afford the F-35. Pardon the politics however we all know its the reality of the situation.
  20. Perhaps your unaware of the actions taken against Boeing by the Canadian government. I do however, hope you are correct.
  21. If Canada ends up with anything, I bet its the Gripen. I certainly would prefer the block III SH but liberals are liberals.
  22. My money is on very little performance if anything. Certainly not worth the cost if your running a 2080Ti as I am. The OC of the CPU is more effective given the DCS architecture.
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