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  1. I think the Soviet navy used A-20s as torpedo bombers too if I'm not mistaken. Very interesting, didn't know that so thank you. I do hope we get a good selection of 3 inch rockets to play with :joystick:
  2. It wouldn't hold that title if this... thing, ever went into full production: Can't wait for the jug, 1. because I like the jug, 2. because I like the mossie even more and that's next :D
  3. No torpedo on the FB VI unfortunately, though they could carry 8 x RP-3 rockets with 60lb warheads which were used against shipping
  4. I don't think it's gonna be a helicopter, I'm sure someone said somewhere that someone said that someone said that someone said that's it's the jet team working on it.
  5. I have a cunning plan for a new pay model!- -ED, make a go-fund-me so rich people can throw money at you with no expectation of anything in return -You now have more money, and the users who want to give you insane volumes of money can do that without trying to suggest ways for the rest of us to give you insane volumes of money 2 birds with 14 lbs!
  6. I'm sure a subscription model works in certain conditions. One of the cirumstances where it doesn't work is when you give loyal customers the middle finger, probably give consumer law the middle finger, and put the things they've already bought behind a new paywall.
  7. I haven't got trains working properly in Normandy in the ME either. Do you have civ traffic turned on in your settings? If you turn them on, either in your settings on in the settings for the mission, trains drive around the tracks but it's less than ideal because I don't think a kill counts for anything and sometimes they drive through each other. Idk if this is still the case, but if you haven't set the year to 1944 I think modern trains used to drive around instead of steam trains. Hope this can help you out til someone who's more of an expert with the ME can!
  8. A fully working fast mission editor would be very very nice, and a nice stepping stone to dynamic campaign.
  9. Not to mention that it's very sucky to give people something free for years, paid for by optional not-inexpensive downloadable content, and then put a paywall behind the downloaded content they already paid for.
  10. In this hypothetical scenario, is it essentially charging users to play open beta?- and making stable updates as infrequent as every year or two?
  11. I'm still on stable, is this any better for anyone yet on OB?
  12. To answer the 3rd party question. Scrap that, I think TrueGrit is a new third party, the first read-through I read it like ED had made them lol
  13. Wonder if the Typhoon is gonna be a FC3-esque thing for MAC?
  14. I think you don't get miles, on purchases you spend miles on.
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