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  1. 150 ping? that makes a difference especially in dogfighting when the other guy has 15 ms ping...
  2. This server is in the US, right? Isnt that a ping issue then for European players?
  3. First, i replaced my Warthog Base with the WarBRD nearly a year ago...best decision ever! Its perfect. On Christmas time 2020, i got my Virpil Alpha Constellation and replaced the Warthog Stick...now, after some months, i am back on the Warthog stick. My experience: - the Virpil alpha is quite uncomfortable in my hand on longer flights (though i optimised the handhold, position to my armchair, etc.). The handrest of the Warthog fits better to my hand. - i never found a satisfying solution to replace the DMS and TMS and TRIM Buttons with the 2 Hats of the ALPHA. After half a year, my Warthog Stick muscle memory still let me push the wrong buttons... - i find some buttons quite difficult to use appropriate (e.g. the Button for the pointing finger on the top) - i find the Warthogs CMS button better to use, i often accidentally activated functions on the ALPHA i did not intent (e.g. CMS left, while i wanted CMS down) - the 4-step-trigger (!) was for me quite confusing (i reduced this to 2-step-trigger in the software) Whats great: The little Joystick for view control. But still missing DMS, TMS and TRIM. So i am back to the Warthog Stick and for me, for all aicraft in DCS, Falcon etc...fits best. And the metal feeling...feels better imho. And one soft factor for me is: I fly nearly all current and old flight sims...but as the F16 and the A10 are my long time favorites, i like the stick anyhow...
  4. Aah, that means the Mini-Stick is for example, from far left 0% and far right 100% on the same axis. 0-10% means then left side, 90-100% means right side. Understand, i will try it. Update: Works fine, thank you!
  5. Interesting. They work in all 4 directions as buttons? Down, left, up, right? Because from your screenshot it looks like 0-10% are buttons (but in which direction??) and 90-100% are other buttons (again in which direction?)
  6. Thanks for the hint, i found the tutorial how to define a button to an axis. But then, the X-axis only works on the left side, the Y-axis only on the top side of the mini-joystick. How to configure it that all 4 directions work each as a button?
  7. Is it possible to map any axis on the small thumb joystick on the Constellation Alpha? I have not been successful so far...
  8. Same here, no cent from my wallet anymore until i have the feeling the one or other module gets finished after years of early access... :thumbup:
  9. Bought today, had it in my crosshair for a long time. :music_whistling: I love this little bird. Im a little bit picky in choosing my modules. So far im only using the A10, the Huey and now - tadaaaa - the Harrier. :joystick: Just wanted to tell :D Jan
  10. Für mich die schönste Maschine aller Zeiten: Die P51D. Linienführung wie ein Cadillac.
  11. Same here: TM Stick on a WarBRD Base. The best combination i have ever had. Extremely precise with the perfect centering force. Together with the TM Throttle and Crosswind Pedals really perfect.
  12. Yesterday my first try on the server. I was shot down on my way to the Bullseye, did not know there was something behind me :D But Navigation is difficult in the F5 - it seems there is no Tacan station. So its more visual navigation to the Mountains and back (if i come back...)
  13. Hi, yes i read that, but which frequencies i need to use in my F-5 ingame? Is that mentioned in some ingame briefing or something like that? (i have not yet joined the server)
  14. Is there a description about the server rules? Especially how and what to communicate with who?
  15. Hi, i bought the F-5 in the last sale. Right now im learning the machine. Is there still activity on the Cold War Server? I would like to fly mainly online and be a part of that community :) But: i still not understand how that thing with simple radio works on the server.
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