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  1. My main issue is the shimmering that someone else mentioned a while back. This seems to have been a constant though, in VR, regardless of graphics card and headset.
  2. Don't remember doing so - I'll have a look - ta.
  3. Welcome to the v3 club :) Can't say I agree with all that you wish for, I actually find the analogue ministick very useful for TDC control in DCS and thrust control in Elite (though a 4-way would suffice for thrusters). Also use it for radar control, Shkval control - it's just much easier than a 4-way. I really wish dev's would make a lot more analogue assignments in DCS modules. My experience in delivery has gone the opposite way. Wouldn't be so bad if I got the impression it was important to them, but I don't. At the moment I'm torn between giving them leeway and cancelling. Changes from day to day :)
  4. Anyone else get the SteamVR loading screen more than anything else when loading up missions? I didn't get this with the Rift CV1, but it's been like it since I got the Index. I'm about to invest in a new PSU as well - I think the OCZ 700W PSU I bought for my previous upgrade is barely enough now, so I'll pick up a Corsair 850W instead. Can't see what would make me see SteamVR load screen, though - maybe my paging file settings? I optimised those a while back and haven't touched them since.
  5. I've heard of a few people who had issues like that - as long as they replace them without hassle, I suppose it's luck of the draw if you get a duff one. Support have just assured me they are still working on the vertical lines issue - but they don't seem confident of finding a full solution.
  6. I'm not really bothered myself - don't need an 8-way hat. Good that they are working on it for those that do, though.
  7. Depends whether you're willing to look through a pipe... You're the first I've seen disputing this point. Whatever, though - good for you, if you're content with it.
  8. ...and it's pretty useless. According to that software setting, you can go all the way up to 72mm, yet mine is 69mm and the FoV was a joke. If not, I'd still own it.
  9. I'm always striving to improve my HOTAS assignment diagrams to make them clearer (especially for flight in VR, when I'm using the 'nose gap' to read the diagrams). To that end, here's my latest one for the T50 throttle handles: The top part is as if you are looking at the throttle from behind - so pinky finger on the left (of your left hand) and thumb on the right. The two circles on the left represent the T1 & T2 flip switch (lower) and the PTM switch T3 (upper). ****update - just switched these as it makes more sense ;) The lower one is the side, as seen if you looked left at your throttle. This diagram is smaller than I would usually make (using 10-12 point typeface rather than 28-48pt) but I just tested it and printed one out on A5 and it looks fine. Example below, of my Mi-8 profile diagram: Use the diagrams as you like - right-click and save to use them for your own needs.
  10. 'Scuse me - going to make myself unpopular, I'm sure - but just how many copyrighted works of music have been uploaded to the user files section of the DCS Website for public download? I'm talking about the Battle of Britain theme tune, The Doors, Kenny Loggins, other '70's music and more. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones is a phrase that comes to mind. ;)
  11. btw - it will be in 2 days time, but no worries - it gets here when it gets here, though of course, if it doesn't get desptached after a month or so I'll reply to the ticket.
  12. If you look at all the links, they are not all FAQs (think only one or two are) - but these are the instructions given and I think they are pretty clear, as it's not difficult at all. The FAQs tell you how it should be set up, too. There was a PDF for setting up the sensors as well, but I can't remember where that was - I did post a link somewhere earlier in this thread (before Index was released). This one does a decent job: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9140-EYIL-0086 4th on that list I posted - like I said, it isn't difficult at all. Just put them on a shelf or desk facing the centre of your play area - the higher they are the better (but if higher, male sure you angle them down) and power them up - endex. Going through the set-up procedure in SteamVR should show you this as well, but I can't remember for sure. Wanting a diagram when they show videos seems a bit, well, looking for something to not be happy about, tbh. Here's the pdf - took me seconds to find via Google using "Valve Index Set-up": LINK
  13. Valve Info Index Fit Guide - SteamVR Help With VR Hardware SteamVR Index Support FAQ Index Setup Guide - SteamVR Headset - Valve Index
  14. Thanks - what I was mystified about was that the despatch time for this order is approaching twice what it had been for previous orders I had made on restock days (so those were obvious busy times and I didn't expect a fast turnaround). However, as far as I was aware, when I ordered this item, it wasn't a restock day, and I wasn't aware of other reasons why it should be delayed. This was why I was asking - I always read T&Cs and have advised people on forums asking about delivery times (including your own forum) of what they entail. I had recently had to give support a nudge about replacing my defective switch and so I thought it not inappropriate to ask what the situation was in regard to this order - something a long the lines of "sorry, but we're very busy at the moment" would have sufficed - I really don't like it when companies just quote T&Cs at me - personally I find it a bit insulting. Maybe your inbox is full of people who haven't bothered checking (actually, that wouldn't surprise me) but nevertheless, it was a bit frustrating, as my home-made solution is becoming a bit of a thorn in my side (well, a throttle in my side, anyway!). But I'm okay with waiting longer - I just like to know it will be a longer wait than with the previous items. Fortunately, it's the last thing I need - so shouldn't be getting frustrated again. btw - while you are here, I got a message on my YT channel from a chap who says the current throttles are being delivered with the T1 & T2 switch packed separately, but without any advice on fitting them, which made him feel quite uneasy about dismantling part of the throttle. Maybe a small sheet of paper with some basic instructions would put customer's minds at ease? Or a link to my video - though you'd be better off making your own or getting someone better talented than I, to make one for you?
  15. As I said - one click on the encoder is equivelant to one press of the key - so I would be spamming the key. Can't believe people are arguing for the keyboard to be used. Probably the same people who insist on "realism"! Anyway - obviously requesting something that will in no way affect you seems to upset some people, so I'm off. Have at it, guys...
  16. Well, matey, the Su-25 doesn't have a clickable cockpit, so it would be really hard to reach out and adjust it by virtual hand ;) Actually - I tried that before I remembered it was an FC3 module - what a disappointment! :cry: If you're determined to stay in the last century, that's fine - but by not using VR there's only one person losing out - regardless of what you may tell yourself! Just keep persuading yourself it's no good, while the rest of us enjoy it - no skin off our nose :)
  17. Don't worry about it - I've had situations where for some unknown reason only one or other of my two base stations were recognised by SteamVR and neither had any issues at all with tracking me. They don't work the same way as Oculus sensors, so occlusion is not the concern it can be with a Rift - this is the reason the Lighthouse is considered the best tracking system. Mine are mounted one in each corner of the room, just under the ceiling.
  18. Got a copy/paste response from Virpil regarding my order and it being 2 weeks and nothing happening, which gives me zero help and makes this the last order I'll be making. I'll keep my current pedals. Never known such poor business practices, especially for expensive, top-end gear. Had to chase them up last time, as well.
  19. No idea how it was fixed - they don't let me in on those details ;) I can't say for sure - I've spent so many hours since they gave me the test firmware update, just staring at SDE and desperately trying to be sure if there is any change or not so that I don't give duff information (which I did last night when I told them I still had the effect on both panels, which was wrong), that it becomes hard to be sure that something is how you think it is. Changing from one eye to the other isn't ideal, either. Especially when others are saying they see something different. When I first tested the new firmware, yes, I was of the opinion that the image was less sharp than it had previously been. However, I've also been using these WidmoVR lenses, which arrived yesterday and are not as good as I was hoping - so that's another possible influence on how I see things. I will, however, go back to using my uncomfortable old lenses with a headband (which did give me a very clear image), and see if I think there is any difference with those. It's not motion blur I thought I noticed - just generally less sharp than before. I'll get back when I've done some more testing, which I'm just about to do :) UPDATE: I just flew a default Huey mission in the snow - an excellent opportunity to be 100% sure the vertical lines are gone, because they stand out so much against the snow and yes, they are completely gone from my left panel, but still strong as ever in the right one. With my decent lenses in, the image was very good - so if there is any blur from this correction, it isn't much and nothing to be too concerned about.
  20. because I'm in VR and what's the point of having decent HOTAS if you then have to use the keyboard? No point in enabling an assignment for controllers then, is there.
  21. For me, as probably others, the Caucasus is worse than ever, while Nevada is acceptable and Persian Gulf is pretty good, performance-wise. Haven't flown Normandy for a while (because it was bad in any combat situation - may have improved in the meantime) This in the default missions, which are usually AI heavy and resource hungry.
  22. I'm using a rotary encoder on my T50 throttle panel, where one click is equivelant to one keypress, and it's taking a ridiculous amount of time to set the pressure. Considering we are only given the pressure after asking for take-off permission (which we only get when already on the runway) this is a double-whammy because you then sit there adjusting it, whilst everyone else is waiting to use the runway. Took me a couple of minutes in the Su-25 Cold Start mission in the Persian Gulf.
  23. Good news! My left panel is fixed. Tested in DCS World 2.5.5 (release) as well as all my other sims and games that were suffering this issue. Still very strong in the right panel, but the left is definitely now clear of it.
  24. I have eyestrain, too, but funnily enough I can wear the Index without too many issues without prescription lenses (though of course it's normally much sharper with them) but yesterday I got my WidmoVR lenses after several weeks waiting, and they are pretty awful. The right one is particularly bad. It's really disappointing, as my Rift lenses (from VR Lens Labs) were really excellent and I had high hopes for these ones. I actually used Widmo because I thought they would be here a lot quicker than the VR Lens Labs ones, but they actually took longer - and then such a poor quality, I find it hard to beleive anyone checked them before sending - you can see the imperfections in the right lens quite easily. Oh well - next time I'll try VR Optician. Just a waste of £69 though and still no better off. Yes, the left eye is okay, but what use is it in one eye only? (I don't really trust them to request a replacement so I'm just writing off the cash). As for NMS, Supmua, I was due to play that last night, after only buying it after hearing of the VR update, but after reading all the reports I decided to leave it for a while. Hopefully they will sort the bugs and then I can give it a proper try - don't want to be put off by something that will get fixed. I did have a session in SkyrimVR last night instead, and though it looks outstandingly clear (with mods), it's the game with the most obvious SDE, I think. It isn't really off-putting, but it's more noticable than in anything else, for me at least. This is no bad thing, as it's a really good example of how things have advanced since CV1.
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