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  1. Ah yes... Jane's Longbow 2... played the heck out of that one! So what was I supposed to do? Yup, I caved and pre-ordered.
  2. Yeah, I’m still around from the beginning days. Been playing on and off since the start… glutton for punishment I guess! I agree, Mars Exulte, a dedicated SSD drive for DCS makes a big difference! Never regretted going that route.
  3. And who said you can’t surf in the rain!?!?
  4. There you are little piggy!!! I've been looking for you every where!!!! Thanks bro. ;)
  5. And it's greatly appreciated!!!
  6. Thanks, I had looked there, too, but I don't even have a DCS folder within my Saved Games folder, just a "Missions" folder containing all my missions and nothing else. Guess I'll need to make one then. Thanks again!
  7. Where is the autoexec.cfg file usually located? Just had a free moment and searched the DCS directory and only have autoexec.lua script files... Thanks!
  8. Thanks for sharing your hard work! Looks awesome!! Can’t wait to try it out...
  9. This is excellent news! Good job guys, looking forward to it!!!
  10. LMAO!!! Thanks for that, I needed that this morning!
  11. LMAO! Good one. Yup, unable to buy, just too slow in my advancing years I guess... EDIT: Bought and paid for! Downloading now...
  12. Hey, at times like this, there isn't a whole lot to be excited about so when something that deserves excitement actually does come around... well, look out!!! :thumbup:
  13. Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to do this and share it with us!! S!
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