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  1. Nice set up. Is the thumb button the VPC warbird 4 way? I fly the 16 and mine is a stick with a button press (X56). The throttle I love though. Almost mirrors the 16.
  2. exactly my thoughts, only buttons on the keyboard i use are for chat rarely (srs used mostly), esc key and f10
  3. Seems like the biggest problem is using too much keyboard. One of the hardest parts of DCS is just sitting on the runway getting your HOTAS dialed in. Getting all fighting stuff at finger tips and the other non-essentials are manipulated with the mouse. "P48" should be a simple set up. Also getting in the guides and knowing how the real hotas is set up helps you translate that into game. Maybe going into a warbird wasn't the proper choice either. They can be a handful when it comes to just flying the thing.
  4. position, velocity and att 0-5 knots should be position hold
  5. I mean do you really call yourself a DCS player if you can't drink and fly blind . Truth be told it all comes with muscle memory. I have a full dinner and a drink under my rift S.
  6. It's very playable in VR. It really has do to with settings and so forth. Once you find the sweet spot it's amazing. I haven't updated my machine because I don't see a reason to. The day that DCS is unbearable in VR I will. I could never fly a screen again it's terrible.
  7. Pretty much just adding on to what everyone else is saying. Picking the right tool for the job and not using radar guided if you don't have to. I would implement radar guided if I wanted to limit exposure to a high threat enemy like AAA and SAM's. Where as a technical or a sniper in a building where this is less of a threat then you'd just punch a laser guided into those. If you've seen a lot of the videos or ever worked with Apaches they have a very good standoff and are very quiet and hard to observe due to night and fly low/mixing in with ground clutter. A lot of times the enemy doesn't know it's there until they are getting shot at. So these are more of those direct engagement type scenarios.
  8. "...it is an improvised aeroelastic feature intended to avoid what's called "flexure-torsion binary flutter" by keeping the CG of the wing forward of the twist axis. AMRAAM is longer and heavier and therefore when loaded it better shifts the CG forward of said axis than, say, a sidewinder." "..lower Drag Index (DI) with the AIM-120s on the wingtips, believe it or not. Also, if you load 6 air to air missiles, the DI is much lower with the AIM-120s on the outboard stations (1,2,8,9) and the AIM-9s on 3 and 7. Lots of guys with 50 pound brains figuring it out. On a side note, the jet is faster (less drag) with 2 x MK84s vs. 6x MK82s." https://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20308&p=238132&hilit=wingtips#p238132
  9. It's a core DCS change so all FLIR capable equipment will be updated. "Our new FLIR technology is progressing well. It takes into account how various terrain elements are rendered in the IR spectrum. This includes large masses of water, vegetation, asphalt and concrete that have high thermal retention capacities. These gradually heat up and cool down at different rates depending on the color and material. This leads to bodies of water and forests looking cooler during the day and at night time seeming warmer. Houses, buildings, runways and many other man-made structures often look warmer at night as they have absorbed heat during the day and are clearly visible in the IR spectrum. In addition to the dynamic nature of all vehicles and changing heat signatures, which are dependent on their movement, we will continue to tune the terrains, associated map objects and vehicles to bring you these enhancements in time for the DCS: AH-64D Early Access launch. We are confident that the new FLIR technology will be available across all compatible sensors deployed in DCS."
  10. Just an update. I found this problem is not from DCS. I am also having a problem updating other sim/games as well outside of steam. Windows 10 update maybe?
  11. This just worked for me as well. I was unable to install the recent 2 hot fixes. The error I would get was, "DCS servers are unable to complete your request." So I restarted in safe mode with networking and was able to download all updates and install all my modules after an attempt at a clean install.
  12. Dan Hampton (Viper Pilot) mentioned sitting high so he can see the ground below him better for SAM threats. Doesn't answer the main question but a good bit of information.
  13. Kiowa pilots were good guys/gals. They were good at resupply (dip/smokes) for the guys that did that stuff and M-4 Runs
  14. Good information guys. Besides working with these bad boys in RL. My knowledge is limited to LB2
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