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  1. Bonjour, concernant le spawn simple ou multiple, ainsi que l'auto respawn celà existe dans ATME pour les AI. Pour ce qui est du scheduling, ATME dispose qu'une classe alarme qui permet le déclenchement d'événement, le timing est à la seconde. Une alarme peut etre réarmée autant de fois que nécessaire. Je profite de ce mail pour indiquer que la version 1.46 est en cours de finalisation et apportera encore plus de stabilté. A+ Sunski
  2. I understood ! Nobody has respond but I understood that JTAC (with laser) process has changed. When IP IN BOUND, you have to : -> LASER ON -> Select target point then SPOT -> Then IN -> JTAC give you informations -> Then drop GBU at good time Then you can perform another attack , go to IP then IP IN BOUND .... same process. There's several options but I don't test them yet (like TEN SECOND etc...) I hope that help people.
  3. The problem is the same with Caucasus map. But more precisions : The ennemy group to lase has few vehicules, all visible. The first time the process doesn't change (Contact.... IP INBOUND ... LASING). That's ok, target is destroyed Then JTAC said SHIFT and you can SHOT, SHIFT, TERMINATE. I chose SHOT Then IN Then IP INBOUND .... If you try this in a different position than the first time, JTAC said Stop stop stop... If you do that at the same position, no problem... JTAC said CONTINUE but you can't LASE again. The menu is IN again. If you drop the bomb no lasing...Bad shoot.
  4. Hi, I put a JTAC in my mission (I've already done that in Caucasus but on old version of DCS, I need to retry now in Caucasus to be sure), but sometimes JTAC told me to abord !!! But I think all is good : -> Contact JTAC -> Respond -> Ready to copy -> Read 9 line -> Copy remarks -> INBOUND than he said CONTINUE -> In menu, LASER ON... But when I drop my bomb GBU12 (before LASING), he told me ABORD three times. Then I can't do anything. If it works the first time, then JTAC said SHIFT.... But I can't LASE again. Strange. What is the problem. I noticed there are more options in F9 menu... so, perhaps the process changed ? I attached the mission, use the in air aircraft... In that case, JTAC is a drone but it's the same problem using a ground JTAC Petroleum Crisis V1.miz
  5. Hi, I tested a simple mission using ME to embark then disembark then reembark an infantry group. I do that to see if I can simplify my framework ATME using standard DCS tasks. I noticed few bugs : I can't set the land zone with the triangle associated with embarking task. The helo always land at the WP where the task is defined. If troops have their "embark to transport" task activated before the helo lands, the troops turn around the first man of the group ;) After helo disembark troop, it doesn't do anything else even if other WP exist for example to reembark. I think some options don't work like setting the helo for distribution in embarking task (but I must do more tests) You can find the mission attached and see those problems. Sunski
  6. Today, in MP mission, after landing, refuel set to 100%, external tanks (center one) doesn't refuel. Sunski
  7. Here is the link, you can see on radar screen the reflect. If you try yourself , may be you have to move your head.
  8. It's very easy to reproduce.... Get a M2000C, full afterburners then see the radar display.... You will see the reflect. Stop afterburners no more reflect. But I will post a link to a video.
  9. I don't know if it is a RAZBAM problem or not. If not, RAZBAM can respond. What I know is that other planes with afterburner don't have that problem.
  10. Hi, I reported that problem a few month ago, and in last OB version, the bug isn't fixed... When after burner is on, the screen of the radar reflects its light :huh: Thanks Sunski
  11. Bonjour à tous. Après un été tranquille, voici une nouvelle version ATME. Elle apporte plus de stabilité par la correction de plusieurs bugs embêtants. Pas de nouvelle fonctionnalités importantes, l'objectif étant maintenant de bien tester cette version 1.4.X avant de passer en 1.5.0. A bientot et si soucis ou question, n'hésitez pas ;) Lien pour la 1.4.5 : https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3001633&postcount=1 A+ Sunski
  12. Hi, after summer, a new version of ATME : V1.4.5 This version fixes some bugs. More detail here : https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3001608&postcount=1 Enjoy ATME ;) Sunski
  13. When flying over clouds, without any ground visibility (set to 10 in ME), pilot can see lakes and rivers through cockpit mirror. Tested with M2000C on DCS 2.5 OB, last version.
  14. Hi, In lastest OB version, the anticollision problem in cockpit is ok (even if we still see this light flashing when looking at right, near pilot seat, in the cockpit). But we still see the post combustion in VTB (like a reflection).
  15. Persepolis Is Persepolis, near Shiraz, represented in the map? That would be good !
  16. No change at this time, on Open Beta, last update. Yesterday, tested in MP with new spitfire. AI ground units can't follow roads in town, the first unit takes large turns when crossing intersections and sometimes goes out of road, even if no intersection, when some buildings are closed from the road. I noticed a road problem in Ouistreham, near the church, if AI ground units use this road, they stop immediatly. I can't reproduce thos morning seems to be random when first vehicule can't move anymore after a turn too large, out of road.
  17. Hi, still no news, even from Eagle Dynamics (see the link above in Yoyo's post) or from Razbam.... No word, no answer since several months now ! This is a big limitation and nothing is done !!! Not very cool :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  18. For those 2 cases, we were 2, cold or hot start from parking (airbase).
  19. Hi, here my post in Persian Gulf because I thought there's a pb with the map. But today, another pb of synch with 2x FA-18 on Caucasus. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=213192
  20. Seems to be a pb with F18. Today another pb of sync in MP with 2 F18 at kobulati. I was client. Hosting player went up in air and went back to ground, starting cold.. When changing for a M2000C, no more pb.
  21. Hi, yesterday,we made a MP mission starting form Abu Musa Island. There was a position problem between aircrafts for client Player. He saw me outside the taxi and the runway, I was on the right of the runway. But he saw me in its left. Synchro pb I think. After take off, all was good. sunski
  22. Hi, Is that bug so difficult to be fixed ? MK2000C and AV88 (perhaps other aircrafts) can't refuel external tanks in air, several missions can't be played. We have no information about a fix. Is there any news about that issue ? :mad::mad::mad:
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