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  1. I don't have much to add here, except that I would defenitely buy a new Mig 15 Campaign:thumbup:
  2. Hi, the Autopilot disconnect Button on the Stick also seems to have no entry in the bindings.
  3. Please make a thread with more pictures, especially of Mig 23s. I'm gonna start building a scale model ofone soon, and more reference material is always welcome:)
  4. PSA: The European store seems to be working properly now:thumbup:
  5. Ah thanks! I did search the forums before making this thread, but I completly missed that :music_whistling:
  6. Non Western Planes? Hi, Im really exited about all the great modules being developed currently, but I have been wondering for a while why there aren't more high fidelity russian planes among them. Afaik outside of the Mig 19 by Razbam and maybe the Mi24 by BST there are no non western modules in development at all. I understand that information on modern aircraft might be hard to come by, but surely this can't be the case for older planes like the Su 17/22 or Mig 23? (Btw, does anyone know why Razbam had to pull the plug on that one?)
  7. Started the Mig 15 campaign a couple of days ago, having a great time so far! :thumbup: On mission 5 I encountered the following (pretty minor) Bug:
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply:thumbup: Yeah I didn't mean to imply that planes on both both sides should be perfectly balanced against each other or something. I just think we can propably agree that when things get out of hand and one side is just constantly dominating its hardly fun for anyone involved, especially in a Multiplayer setting with persistent objectives like Blueflag. But it seems like thats really not going to be the case, so everything should be fine!
  9. Hey, no idea if that was fixed and now is broken again, but I too get a 404 on these :( I havn't really bothered much with WW2 Planes in multiplayer until now, how is the balance between axis and allies? I heard the Mustang has some issues competing with its 50cals because of the damagemodelling in DCS, is that true? Is Spitfire a good match for the BF and FW?
  10. Thanks for the help guys! Thanks, going to download that ;)
  11. Hello Friends, I'm still pretty new to the M2KC and trying to familiarize myself with the Systems. One thing I can,t seem to figure out is how to uncage the standby Attitude Indictator. I tried to press the Knob, turn it both ways and turn it while pressing it, but the flag never goes away. Maybe I missed some Switch on startup? Its propably a really stupid problem with a simple solution, but I checked the Manual and startup tutorial mission several times now, and I just can't get it to work :(. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Vivick

    ECM upgrades

    This looks very nice, I'll definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing friend! :thumbup:
  13. Hey, I use the Rift too, and it works fine for me in Multiplayer. Have you tried out different servers? maybe there is some setting that prevents it from working properly. No idea otherwise, sorry:(
  14. Thanks a bunch, that did it! :thumbup: Its the Z Axis, here is how you do it in case anyone else has the same Problem: ... MapKey (&Throttle, CSR, AXIS(MOUSE_Z_AXIS, 2, 100)); MapKey (&Throttle, CSL, AXIS(MOUSE_Z_AXIS, -2, 100)); ... The 2/-2 values are the step size and the 100 is the timeout between steps in millisconds. The given Values work quite well for me.
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