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  1. Errr what? So I can install another copy of DCS on another drive. Then update that one (how?!). Then how does one use DCS_LOCALSOURCE.txt, do you just type that somewhere or what? Edit - I tried doing this, it just started moving my files from my original folder to the new one. There really should be a simplified way of doing this. I think I might just swap out to a 1tb drive I have sitting around and just re install it all. Skatezilla, I've heard you have a program everyone uses for booting/etc, will it help out with this to the PC illiterate?
  2. Ok, noob issue here I'm sure. I have most modules/terrains, and with the update today it won't install as it says I only have 60gb left and need 80something to complete the update. I tried deleting some modules and terrains, but then the amount of needed space just increases in the warning and it still says not enough space. What am I doing wrong here?
  3. I grabbed the TUF DDR4 1700 board with a 12900k cpu, just waiting for my NZXT cooler bracket for my z63 AIO, and then I'll assemble it and run some tests myself.
  4. Thanks, I'm not sure why the search function isn't working for me, I found that thread on page 3 about 10 minutes after I made this dumb post. Already got the 6900xt, I'm pleasently surprised at its performance, it's pretty close to my 2 3090s I have (well, one right now until I get my RMA back). Not too shabby IMO.
  5. One of my PC's crapped the bed yesterday, more accurately the eVGA 3090 in it died(funny my el-cheapo Zotac 3090s, and the 2080tis never failed me as of yet, but I've had an Asus and eVGA gpu fail now, heh). While waiting for the RMA process, I want to get this other gaming PC up and running, and the only GPU available in my area for retail non Ebay-gouge price is the 6900xt. So, question is, has anyone here ran a 6900xt for DCS in VR, and if so, how do you feel it compares to the performance folks have posted here with their 3090/3080 systems?
  6. +1 here. I too have the G1, Index, and Rift S simultaneously (and all the other no Xtal units prior) before getting the G2s. All we have now are the G2 units. I'll still be interested to hear what the OP's opinion is. I still feel the Index was the best constructed unit available in terms of quality, but that margin is all that wide.
  7. IMO a wise choice. I have 3 PCs with 2 dedicated to DCS, 2 10900k and one 5950x (not using it for DCS atm), all using various 3090 GPUs. I found that comparing my previous 3 9900k based PCs from a year+ ago to the 2 10900ks, the performance jump in DCS is very, very minimal. I had planned on upgrading the 10900ks to the new 11900k, but based on the great above OP and various other tests I've seen on Youtube and other online sources, I've decided to wait for Alder Lake which hopefully will come this year. The increase in performance, again just IMO, from even the 9900k much less the 10900k, to the 11900k, is simply not worth it. Not so much the $$ involved either for me, but the general PITA of rebuilding, reinstalling, and setting up new PCs with all the various programs one needs to install and set up each time you rebuild. I'm hoping Alder Lake brings good things.....hoping...
  8. Very well done Imacken, I have 2 CM3s arriving tomorrow, and was looking for some sort of guide on how to set up the physical detents (I have all the versions of Virpil's throttles, and the first version had internal detents, but I've long forgotten how I even set those up). This is great, thanks for sharing your work, and saving the rest of us a lot of time and pita figuring this all out.
  9. WTS: HP Reverb HMD G1, updated version of first variant, with the cable/clip/etc fixes. Used 10 hours max, like new condition. Located in Canada, will consider shipping outside of country (possibly). Price - $300 CAD + Shipping
  10. Ok thanks all. And TYVM Nobiwan, so many threads about this subject, great to see someone like you do something about it. Can't wait to get home right now.
  11. With VRnecksafer, can you bind a button for "look back/behind"? Do you have to use that bind/button, as well as a "go back to forward", after of course having hit "recenter"? If so, how do you do this, I downloaded VRnecksafer, but there isn't any docs with it, and haven't been able to try it in game as I'm not at home, but I'd like to get this figured out while at work today.
  12. I just got my new lenses for my G2 today. I had them for the previous Reverb and Rift S as well. Has anyone else gotten the G2 lenses from VR Optician yet? I ordered the day they opened up sales, so I'm not sure how many others may have them (European players probably do, I'm in Canada and the shipping over Xmas took a while). Anyhow, question is does anyone else find that the G2 lenses are much, much clearer/better than the previous ones? I had 2 sets from this company, and a few from others, and found VR Optician to build great lenses/products, but these ones just seem much, much more superior to the last ones. Anyone know if they changed their process or whatever? Highly recommend this inserts from Vr Optician, these ones are fantastic for me.
  13. It could be the difference in hardware Simon, but I haven't had a single crash in DCS in many hours of using the G2, on 2 different machines (10900k/3090, 9900k/3080). That includes monkeying around with the IPD setting probably hundreds of times, testing out various positions and settings while DCS and several other games are running. I can't explain or account for why, this is just my experience.
  14. I have a like new one available, maybe 10 to 15 hours total use on it, Reverb 1, the v2 updated version with the cable and other fixes (can be proven by serial number). It's in the original box with all the documentation/etc right now. I'm in Canada though, not the UK, but am very, very flexible on price and shipping. If you're interested shoot me a PM, it's going up on Ebay in another week if it doesn't sell (I'm listing it tomorrow on some local online sales websites).
  15. IMO just wait until the new year. The 10900k (I have one) is going to be replaced in Q1 by Rocket lake and a new socket, so it's pointless IMO to go 10900k right now. I'm waiting for the 5950x as well, no hope in sight for that in the new year IMO. So I'll either upgrade my other non 10900k machines with Rocket lake, or the 5950x, whichever is faster, or more available, or maybe both.
  16. After 6 days now of using the G2, I'm completely satisfied with it, put my remaining G1s up for sale, and ordered a 2nd G2 for my other system as well. I've got it dialed in now after a bit of messing about in various settings, I'll post my nVidia control panel/WMR/SVR settings later tonight.
  17. I have a 5950x on backorder, I'm currently running a 10900k/3090 with my G2, and it powers it just fine, I have no complaints about the FPS and performance I'm seeing with DCS in VR. It's an excellent experience. As Supmua said, the AMD stuff CPU wise in tests has been faster overall than the 10900k (the 5950x, and somewhat the 5900x), but in some games the 10900k is equal or even better, especially in 4k/VR. I'm not going to buy the 6800/xt because in the tests I've seen the 3080 and 3090 are almost unanimously ahead. I will build the 5950x AMD system though and test it vs the 10900k with my 3090 and 3080. I don't think they'll outperform the 10900k by much in DCS VR, if at all. We'll see either way shortly.
  18. I know all of that, I need to find the post, but someone specifically said that if you don't launch DCS from within the WMR environment, it can cause issues. My question was how does one do that when DCS isn't populated in the Steam game selection in the WMR environment due to not using Steam DCS. IE do you just click on it using the hand controller from the desktop screen within WMR or what? I've always done it as described in your post, but I do want to know what this "launch DCS from inside WMR" business is all about. edit - found it, Imacken posted this in the very long G2 thread: Imacken is a good member here, and I've always found his posts helpful and interesting, hence the reason why I'm very inquisitive about this. Anyhow, somehow DCS Open Beta wiped out my config.lua, which was causing my issues. I have no idea how this happened as I hadn't even opened that folder in months. Luckily when I posted my logs from both Stable and OB, an ED rep found the problem. It was odd because I'd tried to repair several times, AND reinstalled. Twice. Yet the config.lua wouldn't repopulate, it only had 2 lines in it. I realize that reinstalling might not have cleared the folder that the config file is in (saved games), hence the repetition of my issue (hang on load), but I still have no idea why it happened in the first place. I was happily recording vid with the G2 in use, next boot up, OB would hang. G2 is back in business now, it's even better today. I do find that I need to have the strap fairly tight to keep the unit pressed against my face, but the sweet spot is much larger now, and it's pretty easy to keep inside of it.
  19. Okay that worked, I deleted/renamed the Config folder, and did a repair, now the options.lua is properly populated, and I can launch open beta in vr and non vr. Thanks for the fast response, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to configuring DCS. Now I just have to reinstall 220gb of modules/etc, haha. Now back to Reverb G2 powered by 3090 greatness. Haven't slept since I got it yesterday, so amazing.
  20. Sorry, I accidentally posted the Open beta log twice. I'll repost them here again, OB first, Stable second. You may be onto something though, I have the options.lua in the stable install, but in the open beta install, it's almost empty, the only thing in is the following: "options = { ["miscellaneous"] = { ["autologin"] = false, }, } " And that's it. Why would that be the case, I just did a fresh reinstall (twice now) of Open Beta, and my first time ever install of stable (which again, works fine). I've been doing testing with the new G2 Reverb(awesome btw, DCS stable works as I said, and it is UNREAL now), but I did nothing to the open beta install, there are and were no mods installed either, it just started hanging out of the blue. What do you suggest I do to correct the obvious options.lua problem? Reinstall again maybe? But it's obviously doing this repeatedly as again I've already reinstalled 2 times with the same result. New drive/folder maybe? Can I delete the entire config folder and do a repair maybe? Thanks for the response btw, some light in the tunnel now at least. dcs_OB.log dcs_stable.log
  21. Not sure if it was the last update or not, but I can't launch into DCS Open Beta in either VR or non-VR. When I launch it now with VR (Reverb G2), I got the SU27 plane, view is about 1/2 down the fuselage, and no music or title/control screen. When I launch it in non VR mode, after the initial DCS launch screen, that goes all black, with a white bar along the top of the window (window stay same size but all black in other words), with no "x" in the top right corner, but I can drag the window around. Nothing happens for 5 minutes or so after this. DCS Stable version works fine. I decided to try reinstalling DCS Open Beta completely (I had no mods on the install, over 200gb gone after reisntall), and the same problem persists, in VR I get no music/control panel, just a view that I can't recenter (tried alt tab and kp 5) or move other than the view as I turn my head about. Non VR, same as before, just a hung screen that's all black with "DCS" in the top left in the white window title bar. Not sure what to do at this point. I couldn't get into the game, I didn't deactivate any modules as the help file said I shouldn't need to for just reinstalling as no hardware has changed since the DCS OB last worked. I've tried unplugging all my controllers, deleting vjoy, changing the page file, pretty much everything I've read in the forum about DCS not launching (I don't have a wheel, haha). I downloaded stable version, and it's working fine, both VR and nonVR. Reinstalled open beta the hang in non vr persists, as does the VR screen with no music or control/game screen, just the Su27 and nothing else. Edit - log attached, pic of screen that hangs with Open Beta link as well. The DCS load screen comes up briefly, then it goes all black as the pic shows, and hangs, I've waited 15 mins to be sure. https://i.imgur.com/A2EOsPb.png dcs.log dcs.log
  22. I've messed something up trying to run tests with the G2 - I've always just launched from Desktop Icon, read here that you should launch from inside the WMR environment. I don't have Steam DCS, so do you just launch it from desktop from inside the WMR environment then? Anyhow, when DCS launches now, I get no sound or control menus, view is 1/2 way down the F14. Tried the alt tab and "kp 5" to re center, doesn't work. Now when I disconnect the headset from the PC, DCS won't launch into non VR mode, it just hangs up after the initial launch screen pops up, and the Steam VR panel pops up saying no headset is plugged in. Weird. Tried repair, nothing was amiss. Anyone know what settings I've screwed up here?
  23. Sweet spot is very much improved, probably one of if not THE improvement in my top 3 so far, that's in the running for top spot. As previously mentioned, I have a large diameter noggin, and getting VR HMD to fit right has always been a giant PITA for me, in terms of getting the sweet spot locked in. It's larger enough with the G2 to make it a painless exercise for me so far, it's just "there" nearly every time I put the HMD back on. The sound/speakers as you mentioned might present a problem for some if there is a lot of noise or chatter in the room you play DCS in, but in my case it hasn't affected my negatively in any way so far. The sound and comms in game is excellent. I typically would try and use my own headset (Astro or Sony MDR) with my VR units, but I'm not going through that hassle with the G2 as it's unnecessary for me. Some audiophiles may feel differently, but again, IMO the sound is excellent and a true step up in VR HMDs overall. Having the speakers not actually right "on" or against my ear is a very comfortable feeling, as they hover in my case just off my ear, yet I'd swear that I had headphones on (quiet house typically). So long as these headsets hold up well (Unlike the debacle with the G1 Reverbs, the cable issues, and so forth), this is going to be a big winner in the next quarter for HP. That's my only concern, but it's a small one as HP wasn't in on this alone, they had Microsoft and Valve in on this, and they stated repeatedly they delayed the G2 launch to ensure something like the G1 launch (bad) wouldn't happen again. As before, the quality of this unit in terms of how the materials feel/etc is excellent. Money well spent. I've been getting AAA Wife ack a lot this month, buying 3090s, AMD 5950xs, and now Reverb G2s, but it's worth it - all my PC upgrades were for this G2, and I'm very happy with the investment made so far.
  24. Pretty much both, I mean they will sort of "sit" on the lens, but applying even a tiny amount of force wouldn't do anything. The shape is different enough that it's impossible to get them over, IE the new lenses on the G2 are larger in the right (or wrong as it were) places to make the Gen1 prescription eye caps sit on top of the G2 lenses, without being able to click them on. It'd been nice if it were the reverse, IE the caps/inserts/whatever were too large, as then one might be able to rig something up to get them to stay in place, at least until new ones come out. My eyes are already itching from my stupid contacts (I have lupus and with that comes Sjogrens syndrome, which = very dry eyes and mouth). It's so worth it though, although my eyes won't agree tomorrow AM, hah.
  25. My G2 arrived an hour ago. 1st thing - VR Lens Optician Reverb Gen 1 prescription lens caps do NOT fit, close but no cigar. Hopefully soon they'll make new ones for the G2, until then, on go the contacts. After this, it's all great news (IMO). The jump from the G1 to the G2 is pretty incredible IMO. I know others said it wasn't as much as say the Odyssey/Rift S to the Gen1 Reverb, but I disagree. For me, it's easily that much of an increase in quality (I've had every single VR HMD save the 5000$ xtal, and have constantly upgraded since the first Rift kit). I would highly, highly recommend grabbing one of these if you've been on the fence. I'll post more tonight once I've played with it a bunch more, my 5950x AMD chip didn't make it today, so I'm running on my 10900k/3090 Zotac system for now. I'm very impressed. Also, one other thing, it's wider than what MRTV suggested (not faulting or criticizing him whatsover), my glasses were just over the outside width he said would fit, and they fit fine, maybe not as much room as the Rift S, but plenty of room for fat headed glasses in my case. Running contacts anyway just to avoid any potential lens scratches until the new inserts are available from VR Optician. It feels quite solidly made as well, the speakers I find to be especially good based on one hour use so far, great sound, and great material quality and construction. Almost as good as the Index, which is very high praise IMO as the Index is handily number one in this category. I'll mess with it some more, and try the controllers out even though I rarely if ever use them, but the kidlet units will. I'm putting our 2 Reverbs up for sale today, and grabbing another one of these.
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