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  1. OG84

    Vive Pro 2

    For me there is also something wrong with the Pro 2. I have the feeling that the eyes in dcs are not correctly aligned. If I take off the headset, it feels like cross eyed for a short period of time. I hope this can be figured out with software updates. Edit: I returned mine. Maybe it was just my unit, but something didnt feel right. Also performance was not acceptable with 3090. Staying with the index for now
  2. I don't agree at all dude I think you're shooting a little bit over the top. Except for the cloud jittering, for me this update is one of the best ones in a long time. (Valve Index)
  3. OG84


    yep thanks a lot. I get much less reprojection going on with 2.7. First thing i noticed is this performance increase. Hope the cloud jittering is on prio though. Also being on the ground in the first f16 red flag campaign mission is now finally smooth. But I'm on the very high end hardware wise, so will only speak for myself: Good job guys and girls!
  4. Hi, not sure if this is of interest for you guys, but i just upgraded from a 3900x to a 5900x. Quite some improvement. Fyi is with a 2080ti. 3900x + 32GB CL16 3200Mhz cinebench r23: single: 1302 multi: 16732 dcs frametimes VR preset + Valve Index: p51 cold start krymsk: 10ms f18 super carrier cold start: 20,5ms (23 fps) --- 5900x + 32GB CL17 4000Mhz (running at 3800Mhz with Infinity Fabric (Fclk) at 1900), Fclk 2000 was not working with Asus X570 Gaming cinebench r23: single: 1599 multi: 20739 dcs frametimes VR preset + Valve Index: p51 cold start krymsk: 9,1ms f18 super carrier cold start: 15,5ms (23/45 fps)
  5. just delete the dlc from disk manually. e.g. steamapps/dcs/mods/aircraft/... Or in steam manage your dlcs and uncheck them there.
  6. Would be nice to have one Thread per AI if thats somehow possible :) That can scale nicely with Future cpu Gens. Keep up the good work. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  7. yeah i think it's not about hardware, it's about code. i just disconnected my vr gear to see what kind of performance i get with my "good" system specs in 2d. 55fps with the supercarrier cold start mission (vsync off) 2080ti, 3900x, 32gb LOW preset settings, except shadow on low 1080p! So i would expect a little more from those specs tbh.
  8. @grammaton There are a lot of nice VR features in the nvidia sdk :) But regarding single pass, i guess they are already working on a vendor agnostic implementation (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269320&page=2). At least sounds like it. Also the predominance of the green team could possibly change with upcoming rdna2 from AMD.
  9. yep noticed this too. I only hear the clicking sounds of the throttle itself, but no variation in engine sound. Maybe a very subtle change in tone, but very irritating in general :)
  10. This is just a calculated value to point out the difference. dcs fps counter shows 22fps vs 45fps.
  11. On the supercarrier cold start mission shadow has a huge impact. Between shadow off (8ms) and shadow low (18ms) there is a difference of 77fps (cockpit view) 2080ti/3900x
  12. Would the i9-9900k mind to retest with super sampling 1.0?
  13. thx, that was a typo. fixed.
  14. Well my personal conclusion is, that a high end ryzen performs on the same level as a high end intel. That suprised me the most. Even with way less core clock. But 10900k is around the corner. though i cannot verify all results, except my own. Due to lack of more data I cannot give more conclusions at the moment ;)
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