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  1. Yes, same here so something changed on ED´s side that is not compatible with the shown font/aircraft symbol unfortunately. Mod itself (TV for pilot) works.
  2. Seems that the link is dead right now.
  3. Hunter Joker, check my post linked above. It´s anput the "water" but gives you general information on reshade and my preset for download. I tried several settings but this is what I like most. Depending on clouds (percentage of skycoverage) I only tune the "sky temperature" and I am good to go. prod80´s shaders are highly recommended. Maybe you need to adjust gamma settings in main options of DCS to your liking.
  4. Just in case someone is in need to have Akrotiri Charts..... Akrotiri Airport and Charts Cheers Willy
  5. I use it with JSGME mod manager (and I believe it will work with other mod managing tools as well) and it passes IC. You need to go right into multiplayer server (I prefer using TTI Server) and it works. Once you leave the server the red IC Icon comes on. Restart DCS and you are in again.
  6. Impressive! All those exaggerated reflection are gone, one huge step forward. Thanks Mustang for your work.
  7. It´s a "bug" and in since a very long period now and it seems that it has extremly low priority in fixing (not to say nobody cares right now - sadly). IRL during startup only slight wobbling occurs to the point the rotor is up to speed.
  8. If you are not fully satiefied with the water color (or other shades in DCS) you might as well try Reshade for DCS. I use it myself without any performance hits and it can be tweaked to your convenience. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/218629-dcs-world-and-reshade Reshade download and highly recommende shader by prod80 Easy to use, does no harm to your installation, easy to uninstall, can be tweaked while DCS is running (SP/MP), multiple "presets" possible and can be switched off completely if you want to run vanilla DCS. What I like most with prod80´s shaders is that you can easily tune alot of them for example to the "sky temperature" - so just one setting affects others according to the degree of cloud coverage. There was a cool tutorial on youtube but I can´t find the link anymore Below my Preset using prod80´s shader files Willy DCS_Real Reshade Preset.ini
  9. This means for example: 255 degrees for 31 NM from ROP VOR. So you can find them by navigating with your VOR needle (given that the helo you use is able to do so). The Huey has bearing but no distance measuring.
  10. lee1hy, let me say...THANK YOU for your incredible work. I got them all available and .... immersive, detailed, best liveries ever for the hornet. And the new afterburner effect is a must if one enjoys F2/F3 view frome time to time.... really well done. Fly them exclusively on TTI Syria server. Keep it coming..... Cheers Doc
  11. That may help you alot: Hover tutorial and background and take your time to watch the whole video. Set curves as suggested and tune it to fit your joystick/throttle (i.e. collective) hardware. And the rest is all practise. In battle take your time, look for a sweet spot to explore the AO outside the range of AAA/AA units, search for high priority threats, check distance using the laser, move in, pop up in auto hover mode (if you are flying without a copilot) by de-selecting (auto)- collective, hide again. I recently came back to the Gaz and it´s my favourite helo righ now.
  12. Try the following mods made by famous TAZ: these give you a little "workaround" of your problem without beeing too far off from reality. HUD darker glass HUD darker font Both give you a better readability of the fonts. The last even an option for "font sharpening". I use it and I like it. Cheers
  13. @ Flappie I reported continuous MP timeouts to you Dec last year and could not nail it down to the very reason. Well.... I finally replaced the "high end (German) Telekom router" with an AVM router (7590 as far as I remember because I am at work right now). Guess what: since then no timeouts anymore. So it was some yet unknown stuff (probably internal router anti-virus that could not be turned off and blocking data with the result of these odd timeouts). I keep my fingers crossed that it´s solved for me at least. Thanks Willy
  14. Usually flying on MP, noticed the intense wobbling as well after latest update (open beta) - flew on RL Huey and thats not what we experienced at ny RPM state. Think it´s "a bit over" at the moment.
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