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  1. Sure, that should be easy enough to do at any rate. I had a third one on the way but since all my Campaigns are based on a Russian PoV; I put it aside for now. With recent events, I do not have all that much desire to make anything with a Russian PoV. I never got very far with it, I had just built the backstory and the foundation mission anyway. You can read it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wa49aHpBcd1CtYQxBEbcUZuJlrWpdTe51U003PSGAA8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. This is the old version of the mission but might give you a clue? I can't find any problem in the mission file, I'll fly it later and check it out if I can trace any problems. There is also a tutorial here:
  3. Will look into it. It is possible you were too high up or too close to the target but you seem to be a by the book kind of person so I doubt it. Feel free to skip that mission; not much is going to happen if you already reached the point where you launch so you not missing out on anything. If you find any more bugs, leave them here and I will update all the missions at the same time. Desert Thunder bugs are best left in that thread
  4. Of course I don't mind. I think the reason I never saw that bug is because I myself use "Attack Ground Targets / Ships" because I am so used to that particular command not working properly
  5. Mission 5 updated. Firing LD-10 in Active Mode at Waypoint 3 should now properly destroy the target.
  6. I will take a look at it tomorrow. When you are done with Black Bear, don't forget to take a look at Desert Thunder. I am far more proud of that one
  7. Yes, but you can't put the Harrier as CAP, Intercept or similar. Escort works but is very limited in scope. I want to be able to put the Harrier on the Tarawa and have them act as a fighter screen. With current options, that is not possible. This is important as it is the only Harrier we have and thus will have to emulate the fighter versions of the Harrier as well.
  8. I know she was not designed to be a fighter but I would love to have a few standing by as fighter cover on the Tarawa for my Squadrons upcoming campaign so being restricted to escort is pretty glaring. Having the option to put them as CAP would be wonderful.
  9. I am kinda hoping that the systems they are developing for the Hind and Apache for target identification and acquisition might streamline such a process but that hope may be forlorn.
  10. An addition I would like is if you could order a wingman with a laser targeting device. Say "give order > Lase Target > Ships" and then the wingman will lase the nearest suitable target in that category. And vice versa, you can order your wingman to attack your laset target and if they carry laser guided weapons will do so. A map editor option to make a airplane lase for you without the entire JTAC interaction would also be very fun for Campaigns.
  11. Prob not the first to suggest it but Chappy after Daniel James Jr is a solid one.
  12. For my campaigns, I would love to have the AI call out brevity codes with custom voice acting - or just report that they are heading for home after mission is done etc. I can jury-rig a bad solution but I would honestly like a working one where I can just set a repeat trigger for a unit or a group firing a specific weapon or at the very least weapon type. So if UNIT Thunder 2-1 fires a Fox Two, I can then add the custom "Thunder 2-1, Fox two!" to the mission and so on or if Group Thunder 3 launches anti-ship missiles. And yes, I am aware of the workaround using missile in zone but its not sufficient for what I want to do.
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