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  1. I still get sick if I try to use higher graphic settings and then reduce the display frequency. i suggest to start with low settings and then slowly set them higher until you find your tolerance frequency.
  2. You probably mean ww2 Assam pack. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/other/wwii_assets_pack/
  3. Hi @BIGNEWY, can you confirm my finding, that this is worth with the hind at the moment? I compared same mission with Mi-8. With hind, after 1min it travels to a totally different direction. Do you know what is causing it? Can we somehow prevent it by not doing something?
  4. So, there seems to be a kind of trigger that will make it bad sometimes. We just do not know what the trigger is.
  5. Why are ED still asking for track files? Does it sometimes work? can others report if playback works for them (with the usual limits), or if they see same deviation immediately)
  6. Just saw the cockpit in 2D for the first time, when I was trying to playback a mission recording for a video. It is like another bird. I feel that this module is especially strong in VR. The asymmetric cockpit glass and the comparable big cockpit make it look very different in VR. i am enjoying every minute I am flying her. p.s. I can finally land the beast!
  7. I recorded a mission in VR and tried to play it back in 2D to record a video. This is something I do often. Sometimes the playback deviates after a longer period, e.g. 10 minutes, but usually it works. I recently recorded a mission play-through for the Mi-8 and it went well. I recorded the same mission with the Mi-24 and tried to play it back. I tried 4 times and got 4 different results already after 1 minute the deviation was easy to spot. The Mi-24 was flying to a totally different direction and i had to stop the recording. Is this a known issue?
  8. Just had my first tries of trying to liftoff without killing myself. Majorities are deadly.
  9. Wow, impressive. Do you have the Mi 8 module. I started loving that bird, because of its very distinctive character. How does the Mi 24 compare to the Mi 8?
  10. I know it is early access and flight model not finalized of course. still, anybody with extensive experience in the Mi 8 or real Mi 24 pilot that can elaborate how good the flight model is? i am mostly interested if it has character like the Mi 8 has.
  11. I started doing trainings but if you get shot at exactly the same moment every single time you try the video, it gets frustrating. That is when I gave up.
  12. In preparation for the Mi 24 I took the Mi 8 for another spin. I only spent 1 or 2 hours in this module and never really got into it. Immediately I remembered why I never spent much time in it. It seemed to be buggy. One of the generator kept complaining and the lift was very poor. No joy actually. But then I spent 10 min googling and found out that I mistreated the lady. The combination of Mi 8, Syria map, the new clouds and VR is a killer. Why do you need the new clouds for a helicopter, who will never reach them? The new clouds , if used right provide a new type of blotchy light that make every ride over the hills of Syria a Hollywood movie. And Syria is very high and the clouds can get pretty low, so , yah, joy do reach them and it makes your life very difficult. Keep away from the low clouds! There are moments that are breathtaking. Flying high (actually too high for the war raging around me, but hey, I am flying for the UN, nobody, will shoot at me?) over a Wadi and having this gripping feeling of height in VR. The Mi 8 has this very big cockpit, in which you could have a Picknick with your whole family. The cockpit has very good visibility to the front the sides and below. Similar to the type-9 heavy space ship. The Mi 8 is a module with a lot of character. You need to know the kinks of it and she will be a joy. I hope that the team will be able to create a similar experience with the Mi 24. People who have not tried the Mi 8, should give it a try!
  13. Thanks @BIGNEWY, the video should be released after the full damage model has been implemented of course. I believe this to be an important part of new modules that sometimes gets forgotten (by me). The more complex the damage model is, the more complex and unique experiences we will be able to experience with it.
  14. Hi @BIGNEWY, we all enjoy the videos Matt is creating. They are following a kind tradition to showcase all kinds of system in a new product. I would like to suggest a new type of video showcasing the damage model of the product. The new damage model has not been introduced into all models yet, but I believe is a very important part of a product. Showcasing what can break and how the model will behave is very interesting to know. It is also a very big differentiator to some other simulations out there.
  15. @Rudel_chw I never go through the training missions. They are too difficult for me and very boring. After the training missions, I still get shot down all the time, so normal missions are still too difficult. I would need much more training missions and a much less steeper difficulty level for them.
  16. Thanks @Ramsay I am assuming this will work only for me and not for anybody who wants to use my mission? I am trying to create simple missions for beginners that still do not have weapon capabilities and using UN faction is very convinent. Not having a default skin for it not so nice.
  17. I am opening this topic for discussion. I feel the need for much more easier missions for beginners. Although I am part of this party since 4.5 years and I own most of the modules and maps, I consider myself a very basic beginner. Most of the missions that come with DCS modules are impossible for me to fly, as I tend to get shot down within the first 3 minutes or loos my orientation and do not know where to go next. There should be missions that only require basic flying skills to succeed and still entertain. I just created a mission for myself flying the Mi-8 in Syria an UN, while US and Russian aircrafts shoot each other out of the sky. Very entertaining in VR. The rout that I am suppose to fly is marked with big smoke columns, as the Mi-8 does not feature a moving map and I would never find the target airport. I never bought any Campaign, as I am sure that I would not even be able to startup the aircraft in the first mission. I suggest to design a system of difficulty grading that can be used to mark missions with difficulty levels. e.g. 1- basic flying cabability 2- basic landing capability 3- basic navigation 4- advanced navigation 5- complex flying 6- basic weapon capability 7- advanced weapon capability ... Maybe a mission will add points for any capability it needs.
  18. I created a mission where you fly as UN, unfortunately there is no UN skin available if you fly as UN. there is one available if you fly as Russian. Does anybody have any idea if I am doing something wrong?
  19. It took me a while to realize that DCS comes with default profiles for the F/A-18 for the Warthog controllers. It took me so long because flying was impossible with it, as the default would assign my rudder controller (MFG crosswind) to the same axis as the Warthog controller, so it mad flying impossible. But now that we have a default controller assignment, (thank you!), I struggle because I cannot find the layout of that assignment anywhere documented. pdf image of the controller with the assignment on it? Did anybody create that? It should ship with dcs.
  20. With my 980Ti tomcat was reducing the refresh reta compared to other modules. With my 2080Ti not enamored. I think this is related to amount of memory that card has. Dcs needs a lot of video memory.
  21. Wags has mentioned several times, that they are working on a dynamic campaign engine. We have not seen any outcome of that work yet. I have seen a lot of positive remarks from people who have experienced the "Liberation Dynamic Campaign", which is a tool written by 2 people in their spare time.They seem to be doing a lot of things right. It seems to be a game changer for DCS single player experience. I believe that it would make sense for eagle dynamics to have a look at what "Liberation Dynamic Campaign" is doing right and try to learn from that. They need to capture that feeling of flying in a world that is life no-matter if I do something or not. A world that I can enjoy even if I am not experienced and cannot help, but just fly and watch. It wold make the simulation much more interesting to newcomers too. A dynamic engine does not have to be sophisticated to change our experience in the simulation. @Wags: did you have a look at the "Liberation Dynamic Campaign"? I believe this is a very positive step in the right direction and should not be ignored by eagle dynamics.
  22. I never was able to land any aircraft until I started flying in vr.
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