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  1. Apologies for the late response - just now seeing your message. Loading and unloading of troops are done automatically if the assignment calls for it. at the current setup you can not manually load your own troops.
  2. FARP Hollywood has been updated! - Added the NEW Mi-24 Hind Units for Attack/Strike Missions - Updated with the most recent version of Easy Stats Download Update Here
  3. thanks for responding @Flappie just got it to work and install. think it was something on my end, after a couple more reboots - it finally worked
  4. the weird thing is that I can download and install DCS 2.7 OB Dedicated Server just fine, but as soon as I try to download the normal 2.7 OB it freeze after a few seconds of downloading.
  5. Hi! Been trying to doing a fresh install for the past few hours now but i can't seem to complete a download when doing a fresh install. The install always freezes after a few sec on downloading. Also does this when I try to complete the failed installation using the repair command. I also paused my antivirus just in case its just been sitting here without any activity for the past 45 min It has done this multiple times now anyone else having issues installing 2.7 OB as a fresh install?
  6. definitely yes! this would be very useful!
  7. After days of trying to get my server listed - appears the word "Rogue" which was in the name of my server was causing my server not to be listed. Took out the word Rogue and BAM now my server is back being listed, placed the word Rogue in the name just as another test and BAM not being listed in the server listings. So maybe ED is now filtering out servers with certain words in its name?? I'm not really sure but this is just a theory - maybe someone from ED could confirm.
  8. Anyone else server not being listed in the Server Listing? I'm already going bald and im about to pull the rest of my hair out! lol For some strange reason my server is no longer being listed within the server listings. I have been trying for the past 3 days to figure out what happened but nothing im doing appears to be working. It just stopped being listed all of a sudden. Been hosting DCS Servers for like 3 years now and I like to think i know what i am doing lol I have the following Ports being forwarded via my router and are open via windows. 10308 - DCS 8088 - WebGui 5002 - SRS Network Adapter: Yes - Both ipv4 and ipv6 enabled People can connect to my server just fine via direct ip (not my local IP) So I even started from scratch to re-setup all my port forwarding and reopen all required ports via my windows firewall. Even after redoing everything - still can not see my server being listed. Again have no problem pinging server via ip from Canyoureachme.org Also have the following Ports Forward via Router. Game Servers with DCS Account I just can't seem to figure this out! Also no matter what i do with port forwarding or open ports my server shows up like this when I log into my DCS Account and view my hosted servers. I do find this a bit strange as well Anyone else having issues with there server not being listed? Any tips or suggestions that you may have would greatly be appreciated! Thanks! -Element
  9. hey @DD_GreyKnightI do not believe there ware any incoming coms for FARPS just yet but will look deeper into this. I did come across this older post. hi @KungFu, YES - to help with performance the random ambush units that may randomly appear while in route to your target will automatically be removed from the mission after some time. Again this is to help with performance as leaving these units on the mission as is could slow things down after some time. The amount of time the units exist can easily be change in the code or even disabled (which i do not recommend)
  10. at the moment i do not have any plans on adding persistence to this mission but im sure it can easily be done with https://github.com/thebgpikester
  11. hi! @AlexZander_D thanks you for the support! yes exactly! if you select more then 1 player for a ground assault mission its intended to be used for multiple players to fly the same mission but it can also be used to change the level of difficulty if you choose to do so. So if you want a real challenge for example and you are the only pilot running the mission, you can select a 2 player task which will offer more enemy units to kill - at the moment i have no plans on translating the text but this can be done by looking thru the code. My codes is very easy to read so it wouldn't be too difficult to do...maybe just a bit time consuming
  12. thanks for the heads up guys! Code was still set it TESTING MODE. now fix. please DL the most recent version! Thanks! @jacobs @beegood Merci pour l'information! Maintenant corrigé!
  13. Now Available for Public Download! ⟽ ★ FARP Hollywood Caucasus [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element ★ ⟾ Tasked based helicopter sandbox mission for the Caucasus Map that will offer hours and hours of flying time with over 100+ LZs for all DCS Helo modules. This can be played in single or multiplayer. From troop transport to ground assault tasks this sandbox has a little of everything! Features: - 100+ LZs - CSAR Tasks - Troop Insertsions - Troop Extractions - Logistical Operations - Attack Chopper Target Area - View Player Stats via F10 Menu (If enabled), plus much more! FARP Hollywood Other FARPS Instructions: Select an assignment using F10 menu. All assignments will vary in difficulty and be within range 12-28nm distance away from home base, logical task can run even further. Runtime could be between 25-45+ minutes depending on distance. Logistical task can take even longer. You must be at FARP Hollywood on the ground to select a task unless its a logistical crate mission. Troops will auto load and unload if doing a troop transport operation such as insertions, extractions, CSARs provided you are landing in the correct LZ. Want to fly with a buddy/friends? No problem. Just have the lead select the mission using F10 menu while the budd(ies) wait for instructions by the flight lead. (Ex. Have an escort for your troop ins ert operation) ⟽ Ambush Attacks⟾ Hueys and Mi8s must always be vigilant while in enemy territory as you may run into enemy ground forces in route to your LZs. You must survive throughout your entire mission even on the return trip. Smaller allied FARPS are also located within the mission to assist you on your journey for repairing, rearming, and refueling. Possible SAM THREAT. Fast and low is the way to go. You have been warned! ⟽ Ground Assault Tasks ⟾ All helicopters can perform ground assault strikes. Selected via F10 Ground Assault menu. Then Select how many players using F10 menu again. A will be taking on the mission. You will be assigned a target area. Fly to this area, seek out and destroy your targets and return to FARP Hollywood. ⟽ Troop Transport Tasks ⟾ Missions for the Uh-1 Huey and Mi8 can be selected via F10 menu. If landing in the correct area/lz troops will auto load and unload. No menu diving. While other FARPs are available to assist you, FARP Hollywood will always be your finial destination UNLESS otherwise instructed. (This does not apply to logistical operations as your finial destination could be away fr om FARP Hollywood). ⟽ Logistical Tasks ⟾ This mission also provides logistical tasks transporting crates and other containers through the campaign.You may be assigned to transport objects to other FARPS and or warehouse/supply depots. Most locations will have an ADF freq to assist with navigation. See below for freqs. Simply Select task using F10 menu. ★ Radio Freqs ★ FARP Hollywood: 40 Mhz FM Homing FARP London & MASH (Rearm, Refueling, & Hospital) Freq: 41 Mhz FM Homing (Hospital for Medivac Use Only) FARP Dallas Camp (Rearm & Refueling) Freq: 42 Mhz FM Homing Pad 1 ATC: 126.3 Mhz AM ★ Warehouses/Supply Depots Freq ★ Muhuri Supply Depot - Freq 49.10 Mhz FM Homing Zugdidi Ammunitions Depot - Freq 49.50 FM Homing FARP Freq Above ★ SRS and Other Freqs Recommendations for Servers ★ General Comms: 32 Mhz FM (SRS) KA-50 & SA342s Presets: Ch 1 - FARP Hollywood 40.0 Mhz Ch 2 - FARP London 41.0 Mhz Ch 3 - FARP Dallas 42.0 Mhz To Enable LIVE STATS You will need to edit your MissionScripting.lua file. Edit your MissionScripting.lua ("C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Scripts") so EasyStats may create and save data. Comment out sanitizeModule('os'), sanitizeModule('io'), sanitizeModule('lfs'), and require It should look something like this... do --sanitizeModule('os') --sanitizeModule('io') --sanitizeModule('lfs') require = nil loadlib = nil end Things to Know: ADF Homing Audio Signal - Please be aware the morse code audio may come in and out during your mission but signal should remain. Ambush Attacks: Uh1 Hueys and Mi8s will need to stay vigilant as its very possible you may be attacked randomly by insurgents while in Enemy Territory. SAM Threats: SAM Threats are very likely , fast and low is the way to go when performing troop transport ops Download Mission https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313795/ **************************** Change log / Updates 12-15-202 : Fixed issue with Ground Assault Tasks 6-16-2021 - Added the New Mi-24P Hind & Added the latest version of Easy Stats
  14. 12-15-2020 - Added 10 Addls CSAR LZ Next update will include adding the ability to Spawn Crates for transport Will Add Mobile FARPS across the map to assist in your missions for rearming, repairing Will Add Addls Strike Targets for the Gazelle and KA-50s Stay tuned!
  15. Then I'm not sure what the issue could be let's dig a bit deeper. What type of Target are you killing that clearly isn't registering for you?
  16. hmmm oh okay...i wouldn't think loading it dynamically would be much of a difference but try doing it the standard way just to see how it works out.
  17. oooweee this is alot fun! im loving this mission! Much props to you!
  18. that is very strange @HC_Official as I am not seeing any of this. Did you install the script per my instructions , did you make any changes, using the latest version? feel free to join my discord, i have a channel for all my scripts Discord Support
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