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  1. @BIGNEWY Hiya! Is there any definite answer from the ED Team on how the atmosphere IS modeled in DCS 2.7? Is there a lapse rate modeled? This would effect density altitude and how engine and aerodynamic performance is modeled.
  2. Yes, same issue with my C101EB, both with English and Spanish language cockpit settings. @Viboracould this be added to the bug list please
  3. Are you implying that the only A.I. controlled aircraft that are capable of landing on the carrier must be the standard non-pay modules??
  4. @GrimesSo to clarify :), Land-Rearm-Refuel-Takeoff function does not work with aircraft carriers in 2.7.3?
  5. Same issue here as well. Single element (2-ship) of F15C’s refueling, 1-1 refuels without issue, 1-2 smashes canopy into Tanker Tail causing damage to the Tanker which then falls out the sky and crashes into the ground/ocean. F15 1-2 damages ‘ breaks canopy but continues to fly the mission.
  6. Hiya @Rudel_chw Hola. It would make the most sense to have this implemented in a two crew (student in front (or back if performing instrument training), i.e, multi-player client training environment. We do training with normal and abnormal (emergency procedures) by use of associated checklists, so having the ability to put the student into a scenario where system failures occur, the student will need to use aviation decision making and appropriate checklists to handle the system failure(s) / problem(s) on the ground and inflight. This will bring the C101EB's excellence as an initial jet trainer to the larger market as an invaluable training type to DCS and simulation training.
  7. @Vibora Greetings!, I just wanted to ask and seek clarification if the team is working on implementing selectable aircraft system failures for client (multiplayer) mode? :)
  8. Hiya @NobiWan, I wanted to thank you for your work on VR NeckSafer. This software is amazing (when it works) Strangely, I've only had one successful attempt at being able to use the software. Every time since, I have been unable to use software as it is intended. VR NeckSafer Startup, Setup, and Troubleshooting Process: I use a SteamVR setup HMD utilizing two SteamVR 2.0 Base Stations (not windows mixed reality) and my startup process is as follows: 1.) SteamVR (Normal and Beta) calibrated to be seated only (ie,. In SteamVR I am located directly over the middle of the VR space, and everything (height, position, rotation) are perfectly centered 2.) I completely close SteamVR and every associated program with it buy exiting AND also verifying via Process Lasso. 3.) I run VR NeckSafer (2.07) as admin and as a result, SteamVR is initialized and loaded. (Again, Position in VR space (height, position, rotation) are perfectly centered. 4.) I launch DCS (Open Beta Standalone... ((Not the Steam Version)) 5.) Once in DCS, I goto (any instant action scenario that places me in any cockpit in any aircraft on the ground with the engine off) 6.) Once in the cockpit of any aircraft sitting on the ground, I ALT-TAB to VR NeckSafer and perform the following: 6a) Options-> Game Mode--> Forced Seating 6b) Options -> Position Compensation --> In Seated Mode 6c) In the Calibration section of the main screen, I click on the "Set Reset Button" and then assign the same button that I use to "Recenter VR Headset" in DCS's UI Layer 6d) I do see that the VRNeckSafer.cfg file is created in the same directory of the VRNeckSafer.exe (just to verify that it is working) 7.) I ALT-TAB (or) click back into the DCS Window (DCS Window is now IN focus) 7a) I click my Recenter VR Headset button (which is also the same button assigned to the VR NeckSafer "Reset button") 7b) The VR View in DCS is reset to center 8.) The VR NeckSafer Application window (Upper Top Left) shows "VRNS (0 deg)" in Black (not Grey) colored font 8a) The VR NeckSafer Application window, Calibration section, "HMD Yaw:" information shows 0 (or +/- 1 degree) (ie,. centered and aligned properly with my DCS VR centered position) 9.) I do NOT assign any buttons to the Manual Rotation 10.) I DO click on the Auto Rotation "Enable" checkbox then delete all Rows of ACT, DE, ROT, L/R, FWD until only 1 Row of ACT, DE, ROT, L/R, FWD values remain. 10a) I change the values in the single remaining row to: 100, 45, 35, 10, 0 11.) I switch back to DCS (DCS Window now in focus) and Once again, "Recenter VR Headset" by pushing the assigned button that is the same for both DCS and VRNeckSafer 11a) As I press the Recenter VR Headset / Reset Button, the VRNeckSafer Application button (seen in the background and behind the DCS main window does Flash Black) 11b) The DCS window cockpit view once again is centered. 12.) I turn my head left or right to the 100 degree trigger point and the VR view places my VR view at 35 degrees aft of 100 BUT.. I am now Below the aircraft and at about 1 foot above the ground. 12a) Turning head left or right does trigger the auto rotation view BUT I am still below the aircraft and now the HMD Yaw: = approximately negative (-130) to (-178) degrees 12b) Pressing the Recenter VR Headset / Reset Button RESETS the HMD YAW to the new (inappropriate -130 to -178 degree LOW and rearward facing VR View) 12c) Pressing the Recenter VR Headset / Reset Button MULTIPLE Times (in quick succession) may rarely return the VR view to the proper COCKPIT VR View facing forward.. This may occur once out of 100 presses of the Recent VR Headset / reset button. 13.) Disabling the Auto Rotation "Enable" Button allows me to Recenter my VR Headset and properly return to the Cockpit VR view facing forward. 13a) This obviously disables the software from performing any Auto Rotation feature 13b) Re-Enabling the Auto Rotation feature and performing any head movement causes the same exact problem that occured in Step 12 through 12b If you'd like for me to provide any SteamVR data, I can do that if it would help you. For everyone else, if anyone has any tips, ideas, or other solutions known please help Thanks!!!!!
  9. Make sure to have fully working navigational equipment that is SYNCHRONIZED during multi-crew front/ rear seat (multiplayer) sessions
  10. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect
  11. @Vibora Thanks for the quick response! Are you able to confirm that we will be able to use the ADF to navigate to NDB's within multi-crew in a future update? The C101 is an amazing aircraft and full functionality between front seat & back seat in the multi-crew is HIGHLY sought by thousands of customers. Hopefully this full functionality between front and rear seat will come soon. Thanks again for your response, there is a large group of current and future customers awaiting an update from your great team at AvioDev.
  12. @Vibora Can anyone confirm the following? - The ADF does not function in the Instructor (Rear Seat) of the C101-CC during multiplayer sessions Is the ability to use the ADF receiver during multi-crew not yet implemented? The ADF receiver is functioning properly in single-player modes in BOTH Front and Rear Seats of the C101CC -Thanks for any info
  13. Actually, I've noticed improvements on my old machine with 2 GTX 1080's instead of one. On that machine I had about a 25% increase in framerate using SLI. Currently using a 2080 Ti 11G OC and its great, but do think that if there was a second one in the system there would be performance gains, especially at 4K resolutions...
  14. Hiya ! @BIGNEWEY et, all.. Any update on correcting this issue? As mentioned before, VR users (ALL HMD TYPES) have the following issues: 1.) Shadows or parts of shadows only shown in one eye (left) or (right) at certain angles. 2.) Clouds or sections of clouds only shown in one eye (left) or (right) (2a) Clouds affected by this are those clouds located furthest from user / player point of view. (2b) Clouds near to user/player are both shown on both eyes. If this is a culling issue then please create a slider in the graphics options to simply allow for disabling cloud rendering at "xyz" distance from the user/player point of view. This will allow for users to scale back cloud draw distances eliminating the issue while also enabling control over better frame rates and frame-times. Thanks! :)
  15. Rudel, you are a life saver, thank you so much Sir! I am an idiot for not checking that.. I was thinking what in the world am I doing wrong... I must have placed / removed/ installed / changed so many things that I was almost about to do a "DCS Repair"... Thank you again! :pilotfly::smartass::thumbup:
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