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  1. **SOLD** Thanks willyp13! Selling my K-51 made Сollective pitch control lever. Used a couple times and works great but getting out of flight sims. $250. US only.
  2. Good to hear. What are your PC specs?
  3. Thanks, I will look into those throttles, that F18 one looks awesome. As far as repairing I always have bad luck trying to get stuff repaired so instead of possibly wasting more money I can just buy something new. It does suck because I have the deltasims slew upgrade for a few months which was a nice upgrade to the TM throttle.
  4. The worst time for this to happen since everything is unattainable due to the pandemic but what would make a good replacement for my Thrustmaster? I know I will have to wait so as long as it's within 3-4 months I would be fine.
  5. It won't help much since we also need more CPU than whats currently available on the market.
  6. I am #2916 :doh: I know there has to be a cutoff but when you are the first one cutoff it feels weird, like getting called to the front of a new wait line when I was happy in the regular line waiting. hehe
  7. I never received an email confirmation, just the PayPal transaction email that I paid.
  8. This is the link for the beta... use with caution. https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/new-pitool-1-0-1-197-beta-is-available-now/23003
  9. I own several modules and can't even fly one but yet I still will buy another when they go on sale.
  10. Something that hopefully in the future eye tracking will help with. With the current VR we have to turn our head much farther because the sweet spot in the headsets are centered.
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