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    DCS (1.5 - P-51D, Spitfire LF IX)
    FSX (Steam - inc A2A Spits & A2A Cherokee )
    War Thunder (OK, less serious as a flight sim, but I've many hrs & the graphics are second to none!)
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    Flight-simming, woodturning

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  1. @razo+r That got it - Many thx razo
  2. @HotTom What am I missing? I have rockets. My mapped button is operating the button on the throttle in cockpit. All switches on the bomb panel are set to On. ...but the rockets don't fire....
  3. Bill1949


    @Krupi Yes! Hurricanes & BoB map. How can we have such a fantastic WW2 flight sim and yet not have BoB...? Didn't BoB matter...? @Eagle Dynamics - are you listening (please)?
  4. Bill1949


    @FlyBy2507 Don't worry - 'she's got this' - and she needs to be at this party, with the Spit.
  5. Bill1949


    So if you can't really have: - Beauty without the Beast - Laurel Without Hardy - Angels without wings - Cinema without popcorn - Love without kisses .....how can we really have The Spit without the Hurricane.....? Anyone support this? C'mon folks, back me up here. Please ED - I REALLY want the Hurricane - to go with my Spit.
  6. Excuse my ignorance please... :| ... but my current DCS folder is over 88GB (on a 120GB SSD that also has IL2 on it.... :( - so only 16GB free space - & I think the SSD needs about 30% free space to run properly). I have DCS Open Beta with Normandy + Assets, Caucausus - & I only really fly the P51 & the Spit LF IX. I'm getting VERY long load times (& VERY (silly) long DCS CLOSE times after I click to exit), and occasional stuttering & mini-freezes during flight. What can I do (including safe deletion of non-required stuff...?) safely to reduce the size of the DCS folder & improve the situation? (Yes, I know that a larger SSD will do that, but at a cost that I don't need right now...) Anything I can safely dispose of...?
  7. Many thanks - now in progress (somewhat more technical that I'd imagined.....).
  8. OK. Thanks - but did all that, have 2.1 & Normandy+Assets still not listed..... What now...?
  9. I pre-purchased Normandy+Assets, but now it seems I need DCS World 2.1 to download it...? (Normandy isn't listed for installation in my DCS 2.0.) How do I update to 2.1 (idiot guide please). No. Cancel that. The product description says it requires version 2.0 - which I have. So when will I see it listed as an option for installation....??
  10. As an 'aside' (while we wait), in the Spit LF IX is anyone currently using 'takeoff assistance'...?
  11. I absolutely agree there sir! I have very little experience of 'having control' IRL, but (from my couple of 'fun' lessons in a Cherokee, amounting to just 1.5 hrs, see link) I do remember the feel of the rudder pedals during taxiing - & it would definitely be nice to get that in sim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIo8BsabwnI On finals, my instructor was happy enough to not re-take control until about 20ft above the runway.
  12. Thanks for coming back bongo - yeah I really do need to be more aware of wind direction,eh? Have to confess that I haven't been giving enough attention to that (still learning), but I will be now. Having said that, I just re-watched a successful circuit that I did about a week ago (well - there is a rather 'iffy' point during takeoff, but I was happy with the landing) and I'm not seeing a wind-sock anywhere..... is it just a case of 'feel' for it? See: I'm sure I must have plenty of things wrong here, but it illustrates the landing - which I find I'm in more control of now that I've reduced the slope of my Pitch, in Controls. I reduced the slope because my stick is about 5 inches from the pivot to the centre of my hand, whereas in a Spit this distance must be about 3 time more I guess (for the elevator anyway), allowing greater hand movement & therefore finer adjustment of the elevator. I feel that this reduced slope compensates for the much shorter stick.
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