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  1. Im the uploader of the video. Just wanted to note it was recorded during version 2.6 which had known performance issues. Unfortunately I sold the 3070 later on so i cant make more comparisons now. I kept the 6800 because the overall ram usage of my system was a few gigs lower while playing dcs (looking at you, Syria). In other games i got a few frames more too. Nowadays my fps are capped at 120 fps (vsync) in small missions like quick flight. On busy servers im at 80-100 on the ground and 100-120 in the air. But i also upgraded to a 5600x which was a noticeable improvement. I can record you a track file if you want to compare it to your current system.
  2. +1 It would be great to have slower moving speed. Or maybe even a setting for the speed like in msfs2020.
  3. The 5900x has a 0.1 ghz higher clock rate and 4 more cores. DCS wont profit from the 4 more cores. In gaming they both perform almost the same. There are enough tests like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aeg4NKCo_10 IMO: If the price for the 5800x is ok, go for it.
  4. I think ED might have done a sale with the release of 2.7 which was planned around Easter. Maybe with the delay a sale got "delayed" too and it will start when the update is out (planned for 14th April).
  5. I would definitely prefer the 262 over the Hellcat. But I am also a fan of the 262 somewhat. If ED choses to develop other ww2 modules before the 262 because of popularity or more available data I understand it. But now it would be a suitable moment to introduce the 262 into the other 1944/45 module area we currently have. If the Hellcat is next , we have a new theatre and a Zero and maybe a Carrier will follow and the 262 wont be released the next 4 years... The most important thing for me would be some clarification what is planned when the decision has fallen.
  6. Thanks for the feedback, i didnt notice the fuel pressure drop. I will do some more testing with the replay file.
  7. I had the same thing. I was flying for about half an hour at 1.2-1.3 ata without MW50. Before landing i engaged MW-50 and flew a loop. After disengaging mw50 the engine seized. I know it was dumb and i got quite slow, but the temps didnt rise. I uploaded a short clip of the replay file, where you can see the instruments. Maybe it helps here. Edit: Flight happened on 31.12.2020
  8. The program version in the first link i posted was released only a few days ago and shows both both the allocation of the whole system and the working set of the process in foreground. For me in DCS allocation is always ~7.9gb which is all vram my card has. the actual usage is 3-6gb at the same time. The actual usage also fluctuates fast when changing views, while allocation stays almost the same (8gb).
  9. Hi, you can test the vram usage of DCS with the new MSI afterburner beta update (not just the allocation): There is also a tool which lets you create a ramdisk using your gpu memory. So if you have a 8 gig card you can limit the vram dcs can use to 3 gigs by occupying 5 gigs for ramdisk. https://github.com/prsyahmi/GpuRamDrive At full hd and high settings DCS uses about 5 gigs on a busy multiplayer server for me. When limiting the vram of my 2070 super to 4 gigs the framerate stays almost the same but i get some stutters and texture pop in when switching F2 views. But some insight from the devs would be nice.
  10. Is the me-262 still coming? Is it on hold or cancelled completely? :noexpression: Im asking because it hasn`t been mentioned by the devs since last year i think. In the latest interview with Nick Grey he stated that after the mosquito they will probably continue with battle of britain. Part at 51:10 :pilotfly:
  11. Hi, afaik the APUS have only x8 pcie lanes for gpu. Shouldnt be a bottleneck but in my country a Ryzen 1600 costs the same, has six cores and is produced 12nm. It has far more power! However, if you want 60fps at high settings without lag spikes, you need a gpu with 6gb or more, a gtx1070 can do it. (I had both an gtx1060 and 1070, the 1060 struggled high settings @1080p)
  12. Hi, we all used the preset high and set msaa to x4. Normally i use slightly different settings. Resolution is 1080p!
  13. Here is a quick fps test. Did not have time for big flying and trackir, but it should give you a rough idea how it runs. Note it was on a big server and my monitor is capped at 78fps. Youtube compression also did its job lol.
  14. Hi, one of my Systems has a 9700k, a KFA2 RTX2070 Super and 24gb ram. Im running most Settings on high with MSAA x2. At 1080p im sticking at my monitors 75hz/fps. On multiplayer servers it can drop below that on rare occasions (not sure if its my pc or the server...). Tomorrow I can test a specific Graphics setting and record via Shadowplay if you want?
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