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  1. Is this needed if you have 64gb? I haven’t filled my memory up yet but I run low settings because I’m in vr. My gpu memory feels up however. what exactly is the registry freak doing?
  2. I’m flying the Apache on a 1070ti and getting 30fps on a rift s. I’ve noticed after the update, kegeteys shaders don’t offer any benefit, as far as performance. But it’s very playable.
  3. I’ve had this issue also. What solved it was using the windows game controller settings and resetting the collective. Do not calibrate, only reset the device.
  4. Perfect, that was my plan. So I need to make any changes to the files, 'Bazar\shaders\deferred\_HMD.hlsl', I want, then repackage and use ovgme? Do I still need to rename or save the shaders folder ? What do I delete for the NVD stuff, I have a mod that already manages this?
  5. Can I use OVGME to install this or do I need to override the files permanently?
  6. check this out. Very easy to manage.
  7. Is this still holding true? Why cap it in Nvidia CP, doesnt Low latency ultra do this for you already? What does it do when uncapped?
  8. I was getting micro stutters too in my rift s. To help. I’m running lower gfx settings and am using the 2k cockpit texture mod for Apache. I also don’t use ASW, can’t stand the way it looks. Only thing I use OTT for is changing pd to 1.5.
  9. With the issue currently with the Apache and needing to run low or medium textures, would this mod not benefit from low and med textures setting? Not sure if I’m getting across what im trying to ask.
  10. Totally agree with all this. The latest update has been better. Im a trim tapper and don’t hold it, when I use it. I’ll try using it more and see if it does anything different. Im a pretty stable flyer in the 64 already.
  11. I’ve got the most realistic aircraft controls minus the actual ffb system. I use dampers to act like a pseudo force trim system. All my controls will always stay where I leave them. I haven’t been using the trim button at all. But the scabs system may need it due to programming limitations. I’m not sure. This is the issue. As every person has a different setup. I wish they would specifically discuss those who just Recenter to trim and those who don’t need to Recenter. It’s a huge difference and different way of manipulating the sim flight controls. As my current system Is as realistic as I can get it from the irl aircraft I’ve flown and ridden in. I’m flight med crew full time irl. Eurocopter products but have experience in bell and other manufacturers.
  12. What if you are using non-recentering hardware and checked those options in the special menu, use without centering spring. Will the scas kick back on automatically without hacing to move or give inputs.
  13. No, but I will, just for giggles. Heading mode can be found where? AFAIK, Attitude mode is the only one available at this time?
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