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  1. A-4E-C landing traps and cats available yet?
  2. I’m not worried about installation size - I don’t have the internet to download that big a file!
  3. I’ve recently joined a group of flyers, and they host their server on open beta. I went to switch my version, but the DCS updater says this will be 30GB! That sounds like it’s downloading a whole new build, rather than just fixing a few files. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I used the ‘DCS_Updater update @openbeta’ command.
  4. Could you create a turorial on how you edit the textures?
  5. Is a manual going to be released with this? Could we maybe have a look now?? =D
  6. Did they? No a-4e photos if found have had the hump. Unless some of the photos that I THINK are F’s are actually E’s......
  7. I have a question - is this ACTUALLY an A4-E? Isn’t the F model the one with the avionics hump?
  8. What if, as the op has said he’ll create some funds, the app talked to a server that hosted the mission temporarily for you, and you joined on your pc like a mp mission?
  9. Thanks Razo+r! I actually found a copy of the manual too, and it has some drawings of cockpit details.
  10. If anyone has photos of this helicopter, please post! I’m particularly looking for cockpit photos.
  11. Could you please post any reference material you have for modeling this helicopter? Thanks!
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