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  1. It's not either/or is it? You could be a guy behind a screen pretending to be a fighter pilot, or be a guy behind a screen pretending to be a guy behind a screen pretending to be a fighter pilot :D I personally think it'll be an Apache or SuperCobra or F-111 but we'll see
  2. I'm under the impression it'll be this year. "Everyone at Eagle Dynamics is working hard to make the start of this decade one to remember. While 2019 was a monumental year for DCS. We have more exciting things in store for 2020. This includes new aircraft such as the P-47 Thunderbolt, Mosquito, Mi-24P Hind, as well as the continued development of the F/A-18C Hornet and F-16C Viper including air-to-ground radar, Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) sensors and enhanced missile dynamics and behaviour." We know we're getting it after the Jug. If the channel map release is meant to coincide with the P-47 release, and the map is supposed to go into pre-order in February, I think the Mossie will be Q3 or Q4.
  3. I don't think it's this, and I don't think this is even eagerly awaited, but a UAV like a MQ-9 would be complex (or maybe just different enough to me to seem complex) and a milestone. Imagine having like the control station all clickable, just seems cool.
  4. If you think about it, everything in the universe is either a de Havilland Mosquito FB VI, or not a de Haviland Mosquito FB VI
  5. Let's see. It's gotta be advanced, gen 4 definitely, and it's gotta be red air
  6. "Later this year, we are looking forward to announcing an eagerly awaited aircraft for DCS World." There's only one thing this can be and we all know it.
  7. Yeah I read mine sometimes as a pdf on a kindle
  8. The gunsight reticle doesn't stay inside the gunsight glass. When the pilots head moves around, the reticle moves outside the glass. DCS Open Beta This happens in single player, though it may happen in MP I just don't play it. It is reproduceable. Lower the gunsight and move the pilots head around with anything like head-tracking or the mouse or g-forces and you'll reproduce this. Playing DCS on Windows 10. Screenshots attached.
  9. I wanted to praise you Polychop for your work on the Gazelle, it is really enjoyable to fly and I'm also looking forward to your work on the Kiowa. I had a few questions on the Gazelle moving forward, if that is okay. -Will we see raindrops on the glass? -Any news on the sniper team? -Will we see a completely unarmed version of the Gazelle too? -Are there plans to add failures to the Gazelle? (random failures, and failures planned in the mission editor) -Will full checklists be added to the manual? i.e before start-up, start-up, emergency checklists, shut-down etc. Many thanks for your hard work!
  10. Been flying some night missions in the 342M, the flashlight is very handy. Is there a way to have the light follow the mouse cursor around (as in other modules) instead of following the pilot camera? Sometimes the light doesn't shine on precisely where you're looking.
  11. I think you can fire a HOT3 without being in autohover. You just can't slave without it so you have to keep your targets pretty much head-on to you manually.
  12. No problem, it might also be worth getting a stick extension or reducing the saturation Y of your cyclic axis' so you can make more precise movements
  13. The quality of the image is better here than on the website too https://en.calameo.com/read/000413241d894385c3e9d
  14. The French Ministry of Armed Forces has on their website a cruise speed of 240 km/h for the Gazelle, but I wouldn't know how accurate that is nor how much Google butchered the translation ;) https://www.defense.gouv.fr/terre/equipements/materiels-specifiques/alat/combat/gazelle-viviane-sa-342-m1
  15. A Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS X I got cheap from Maplin's when they used to be a thing I'd be interested if some of us could compare tracks of us going into auto-hover, I did a quick demonstration it's not a marvel but it's 10,000% better than I used to do it lol Auto hover.trk
  16. I've got a curve of 20 I think on the cyclic roll and pitch axis, and use the doppler lines on the artificial horizon. It used to take me many frustrating minutes to get into an auto hover but with good curves and practice now it takes seconds. It might help anyone who's struggling, to try practicing getting into an auto hover near the ground where you can use the terrain and objects as a reference- especially helpful when you can see your own shadow too.
  17. This mosquito doesn't have a bombsight but the proper bomber B marks do. That's got me thinking actually, having never flown a wooden fighter-bomber into fortress Europe before. Low-alt level bombing with delayed fuses is something I've seen in old footage before quite a bit.
  18. Hello, any news on this? WWII stuff is starting to come in thick and fast and this would be much appreciated :)
  19. Hello, it looks like AI warbirds don't crash on landing anyore with the update but they still land short of the strip.
  20. The navigator looks lost in that pic :D Excited though, would be my fave bird in DCS as of yet by far
  21. I think the new trees in particular look a lot prettier :thumbup:
  22. Your screenshot is good, and I can contribute one of the gunsight and a short track. Hope this is solved soon! (and maybe we'll get beautiful proper canopy rain ;) ) L-39 raindrops.trk
  23. *bump* Rain drop effects are also present on the gunsight where they shouldn't be
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