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  1. Put together all the existing updates (that I can find) on the Mosquito there have been in the weekend news for anyone else like me who's hyped about a flying tree. August 24th 2018 DCS World War II Update An important aspect DCS World War II is the addition of additional player-controlled and AI aircraft. Some of these include the P-47D, Mosquito, A-20, C-47, Fw 190 A-8, and Ju-88. All of these are various stages of development, and they will serve a vital role in fleshing out the DCS World II experience in concert with the new damage modelling, new World War II era maps, and dogfight AI. As each of these elements progress to the point we’re ready to introduce in DCS World, we’ll be talking about them much, much more. Today we’d like to show off some of the P-47D skins we are working on, as well as the Mosquito. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/3c6/Mosquito-3s.JPG https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/b7a/Mosquito-2s.jpg https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/463/Mosquito-1s.JPG November 30th 2018 DCS Warbirds Update Earlier this year we showed off a greatly updated cockpit for the DCS: P-51D Mustang that will be released next month. In addition to a beautiful, new cockpit, we’re also updating the external model to include both P-51D-25 and P-51D-30 versions! This includes improvements to both the 3D model and textures. Along with the Mustang, we’ve also completing work on a fantastic new cockpit for the Bf 109 K-4 and a Fw 190 D-9 that takes advantage of both deferred shading and physically based rendering. In parallel, the P-47D, Fw 190 A-8, and Mosquito are all making great progress in both the external model, cockpit, flight model and systems. December 21st 2018 Coming next year, we have new AI air units like the P-47D, Ju-88, Fw 190 A-8, A-20G, C-47, Bf 109 G, Mosquito, C-47 and others taking to the skies of DCS World War II. Of these, we are already at work making the P-47D, Fw 190 A-8 and Mosquito flyable. In parallel, the new damage model system is now being applied to all our warbirds. January 4th 2019 DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt, DCS: de Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI, and DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Shrike These three of these aircraft are well underway and we plan to release or more in 2019. With the addition of the new damage model, dynamic campaign, new World War II maps, and more units added to the World War II Assets Pack like the Ju-88, Bf 109G, C-47, A-20G, and others, DCS World War II will continue to grow and bring great new gameplay! January 25 2019 DCS: Fw 190 A-8/F-8 Shrike Update Progress remains rapid on the Shrike with a release set for later this year. The Fw 190 A-8 will be an excellent counterpart to the Spitfire Mk.IX and provide a period-correct aircraft for the Normandy map. The F-8 version will provide the Luftwaffe a capable ground attack aircraft to match the upcoming P-47D and Mosquito.
  2. No problem sir!! :thumbup: She's a beauty, though I've always found the B or PR versions better looking myself with the glass nose
  3. Bit of trivia for you, the RAF Mosquito in the WIP screenshots bears the markings of a FB XVIII of No. 254 Squadron RAF, QM-D PZ468 which I think has featured in a few model kits too https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/b7a/Mosquito-2s.jpg https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205126755
  4. Ah there was, somewhere there's WIP pics of a mosquito in RAF, Soviet and Israeli liveries somewhere will edit my post if I can find them https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/3c6/Mosquito-3s.JPG https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/b7a/Mosquito-2s.jpg https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/463/Mosquito-1s.JPG
  5. Quite right, there were different Mosquito fighter bombers based on the FB VI but with modification. FB 26 and FB 40 were basically the same but with different variants of Merlin engine, built in Canada and Australia respectively. FB XVIII famously had the 6 pounder gun for anti-shipping instead of the 4*20mm cannons. The Sea Mosquito, the TR 33 variant, was based on the FB VI (with changes to operate from carriers) but I think it was a torpedo bomber with the FAA rather than a fighter bomber if memory serves.
  6. Ah so it looks like maybe you hypothetically could have a bomb and rocket mix, you just wouldn't. Very interesting, thank you. I suppose the specifics of weapons and rocket rails and stuff depends on the intended time period for ED's Mossie, that could very well be based on the time frame of the Normandy campaign or for the appropriate time for the new WWII map, but not necessarily!
  7. Regarding the mutual exclusivity of ordnance loads, do you know if that was a technical restriction or if it was because of doctrine etc? Not knowing too much about Mossies I'd speculate that it's either because rockets and bombs were used on different types of targets, or that bombs and rockets were released with the press of the same button or something similar
  8. Pretty weird, when I quote your post I can see you added images but I can't see them on your post :joystick: Also I've seen an image of the stacked rockets on a mosquito on google (idk if its the one you shared, I cant see) where it's 4 rockets on 2 rails, the rockets are attached to each other in pairs, very strange EDIT: Ah, a breakthrough! Apparently from this site these paired rockets were used on Mosquito FB.VI CF (coastal fighters) variants from early March 1945
  9. Might depend on a few things like whether it's a series 1 or 2 or has the 'standard' or 'basic' wing, quite interested to find out.
  10. Yes you did, sorry I must have missed your post. Rockets were arranged both abreast and stacked for sure, thought abreast looks like the most common setup. I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that a FB VI mosquito could only have one type of load on the wing, e.g. 4 rockets OR 1 bomb OR a drop tank and not any combination IIRC. Think any bomb bay load went with any wing load (maybe dependent on weight?). Bomb bay held 2 bombs OR 2 fuel tanks, and I've seen a little about a combination of 2 250lb bombs and 1 smaller fuel tank for intruder missions but not much. So: Bomb-bay -Empty -2x fuel tanks -2x 500lb bombs -2x 250lb bombs -1x smaller fuel tank, 2x 250lb bombs (I guess you could have the 1 smaller fuel tank by itself maybe, but why?) With: Wings -Clean -2x 50 gallon drop tanks -2x 100 gallon drop tanks -8x 25lb rockets -8x 60lb rockets -2x 250lb bombs -2x 500lb bombs Only restrictions really would be with historical accuracy i.e. would 25lb rockets be used when 60lb rockets are available?- were the 100 gallon drop tanks commonly used?- was the 1 fuel tank, 2 bomb setup used often? That kind of stuff
  11. Wonder if we'll be getting a series 1 or series 2 FB VI? Assuming a series 2 because they could carry the 500lb bombs instead of just the 250lbs. Was just trying to think of all the possible loadouts. Wings: 2*50 gallon drop tanks; 2*500lb MC bombs; 2*250lb MC bombs; 4*60lb RP-3 rockets; 4*25lb RP-3 rockets (rockets 1944 onwards) Bomb bay: 2*500lb MC bombs; 2*250lb MC bombs; 2*66.5 gallon fuel tanks Possible loads I'm unsure of or can't confirm were widely used: 2*100 gallon drop tanks on the wings, a smaller bomb-bay fuel tank that fits alongside 2*250lb bombs If anyone else knows more about the Mossie than me please do share :)
  12. Okay, Who is saying the Mossie will only have simple system modelling? And who can't wait to buzz over Germans in a Rolls-Royce powered piece of wood? :pilotfly: Mossie looking like the next warbird after the Jug? Sweet
  13. Our (small) local air museum has the cockpit of an F3 and the tail from some variant of the tornado, that fin is huge! IDS all the way. Nothing like doing 500kts at 40' over the desert. IIRC in Tornado Down it's mentioned that there were a few controlled flights into terrain, the trust the navigator had to have had in the pilot.
  14. Ha can definitely understand the no-fly-zone over FB
  15. Nice video find! Maybe, it was quite a sharp pull up and the pilot might have increased throttle suddenly too
  16. :thumbup: from me for that
  17. +1 from me, the air campaign was huge
  18. It's probably not gonna be this... But can you imagine a 1990-1991 Kuwait? It's not a big country ;) Dad worked there for a bit after the (first) war at Doha West
  19. I think you're mistaken with the F-14 my friend. In the AJS-37 there's a button on the left side panel marked "roll centr", the manual calls it the "roll trim indicator" and I was wondering if it was supposed to indicate roll as the name suggests, and whether it's supposed to be functional in-game as pressing it appears to do nothing.
  20. How does the 'roll trim indicator' (as it's described in-manual) indicate roll trim, it just looks like a button to me. Am I missing something? Also I can't press the button to centre the roll trim, so it could be non-functional in game (although a checklist step is to check and centre the roll trim) or a lil bug. If anyone has a clue I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks!
  21. German joke from the war: "If you see a white plane, it's American; if it's black it's RAF. If you see no planes at all, that's the Luftwaffe!"
  22. Sure. Open beta, version dcs.20190514-201359.miz
  23. Hi, The pilots' harnesses are missing their texture, the attached examples are from the encyclopedia but it exists in-game too.
  24. Never got him to say it (although the F-14 climbs ridiculously high) but there's a sound file of him booming PIGSSS INN SPAACCEEE
  25. +1 Allied bias makes a great sim but not a great game. Unless it's single player, then sure!
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