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  1. The more recent Nanchang Q-5 (A-5 for exports) could be of help too.
  2. Sound on this is reasonably decent, especially for taxiing: https://youtu.be/SS17eWi1S74 Although they're probably Chinese-built J-6's and not Russian-built MiG-19's, the sound will of course be more authentic than that of say an Su-25.
  3. Modern aircraft, F-22, Eurofighter, F-35, Rafale, Gripen, Su-35 etc. ...flaming cliffs style! (because red tape and my wallet) Heck I'd be happy for AI and 3D models :D I'd buy a BoB map and planes and assets pack :thumbup:
  4. So LMB would be: Left, down, CCW RMB would be: Right, up, CW What about: If a switch has two positions, LMB or RMB will both toggle it?
  5. It is in there (if a bit vague), little embarrassed I didn't catch it earlier. Do hope a full start procedure with T+P's and pre-start checks and all the other boring stuff makes it to the manual eventually.
  6. I think I've got it figured out. I was pushing the fuel lever the whole way forward- when it only has to go forward a bit to get the rotors spinning, and then you have to push it so the rotor and turbine rpm rise together. If only I had a manual to tell me that :lol:
  7. Hello everyone. I wasn't sure if this was a bug or if I was just doing something wrong, so I haven't put it in the bug section. In the cold start mission, a few seconds after pushing the fuel flow lever forward, the gazelle jolts clockwise and I think the engine dies? The rotor rpm reaches about 2800, there's a bang and a jolt, and the turbine and rotor rpm both fall. I'm not sure what it is that happens as I'm not too used to the gazelle yet. The manual was no help at all- there is nothing for the cold start procedure apart from "a training mission about start-up procedure is part of the module". I'd appreciate any help very much! (and a complete manual) Have a good day everyone, and thank you!
  8. Yes I can see it's very twitchy :D There isn't a helicopter I don't have now, wish I'd picked them up earlier!
  9. Playing around with the ME and the AI Gazelles answered a few of my questions too. There's a fictional UK livery, and there doesn't look to be a way to fly a 'stock' gazelle with no hard points. Thanks! It's more important to me that it's fun to fly and that seems to be the case?
  10. Hello everyone. I'm thinking about getting the Gazelle, but have a few questions about it that it would be really helpful if anyone could answer. -I know this is a French variant, but are there any British Army of Fleet Air Arm liveries? -Can you fly it in an unarmed recon setup? -About the FM, heard conflicting stuff about it, but is the Gazelle still enjoyable and realistic (for the most part) to fly? Thank you, and have a nice day!
  11. Frag and FragBum are you different people? :D I've made do so far with my HOTAS but pedals are something I'm looking in to for when I've moved house and I've got space for a bigger setup. If the FM is at least a close approximation of the real thing, then it only really matters to me that it's fun to fly and has plenty of toys to play with. I've got a few question about the Gazelle I'll post in the Gazelle forum, but thanks everyone!
  12. Thanks for the insight! I have been torn over the Gazelle actually. It's a helicopter I'd really like, but I've read and watched conflicting stuff about it. I suppose it is on sale though, what does anyone think of the Gazelle?
  13. +1 for the 'drop some teenagers in the middle of some Germans' experience PS. I got a lab ticked off my wishlist, so now I'm waiting to tick off a tornado :D
  14. Understand development of an aircraft in DCS takes time and new aircraft are relatively few and far between. But this is a 'hey I would like to see this aircraft because x,y,z reasons' thread, not a 'I am entitled to what I want and I demand you give me x,y,z aircraft' thread.
  15. Thanks for PDF version! Living document is great for a read any other time, but impractical for me during gameplay because I reference manuals and campaign stuff as PDFs on my kindle. That said, kindles have a (albeit crap) browser which may or may not be able to handle the living version :D
  16. I know they're not 'planes' in the strictest sense, but :P Bell Cobra Sikorsky Black Hawk Boeing Chinook Westland Lynx
  17. Hello everyone. Switching the position lights to 'dim' makes them bright, and setting them to 'bright' makes them dim. Found at least one post already on this but thought I ought to make a new one as it's quite old. Either way, it's here. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=165163 Have a nice day!
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