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  1. I'm looking through the pilot's notes scratching my head now, you'd have hoped the 3rd edition didn't still have such a glaring error if it's meant to work otherwise. Thank you anyways
  2. Thank you for looking into this BIGNEWY :thumbup:
  3. Wish I knew owt about engines besides suck squeeze bang blow :D
  4. I removed trees a while ago to watch AI aircraft actually land. and I'm pretty sure I remember they were landing short of the runway. Will go try that out now and screenshot.
  5. I hope it is too, maybe the development of the Mosquito makes this a really convenient time to check the operation of British warbirds in the game against the air ministry's pilot's notes.
  6. This section of the start-up is the one with the largest difference between DCS and the actual pilot's notes (steps iii to viii in the notes). The idle cut-off in particular is used incorrectly in a few places in DCS Pilot's notes: Wobble pump (or main tank booster pump on for) 30 seconds *Idle cut-off to run* Prime engine Ignition switches on Starter and booster-coil on Release starter when engine fires Booster-coil on (and prime if necessary) until engine runs smoothly Adjust throttle for 1000-1200 rpm Main tanks booster ON DCS flight manual: Prime engine Wobble pump til warning light off Ignition switches on Starter and booster-coil on *Idle cut-off forward to run* Release starter and booster-coil when engine starts to run *Idle cut-off rearmost position*
  7. Funnily enough I ordered the pilot's notes last weekend, but unless the amazon driver has a DUKW I can't expect them any time soon! Beautiful Mossie in Banff strike wing colours (?)
  8. Quick screenshots from the cold start instant action
  9. This isn't me reporting a bug btw, more like me inquiring about a system and seeing if there might be a discrepency between real life and having no life DCS From what I can tell in-game the oxygen regulator just toggles between an automatic flow and a high flow. Also in-game the oxygen supply cock on the right-hand side does nothing. The DCS manual describes the regulator thingy as a 'pressure reducing valve' Does anyone know how these should operate irl? My guess would be the cock switches oxygen supply on/off and the regulator either adjusts flow or supplies emergency flow. Thanks!
  10. Yup, got the pilot's notes here, for Merlin 66 engines the idle cut-off control goes forward to RUN before priming so the engine should start this way- which it doesn't
  11. Same here, you get the reflection or the illumination on the skin of the spit but no flame.
  12. Ahh so that's what condition is, always assumed it was health for some reason and I'd never used it. Thank you Thanks everyone for your suggestions, will be really helpful getting me more into mission making and hopefully with the mission editor update apparently on the way Soon™ mission making will be easier to pickup for amateurs and more powerful and adaptable for pros
  13. Hey everyone. Very new to the mission editor. Currently trying to make a singleplayer mission for with a lot of replayability. Sorry if this has already been covered but not knowing much about the mission editor I don't really know what to search the forums for. Idea was to put a shit ton of trains and tents and trucks etc. across Normandy but for them to only have a smallish chance of spawning- so the mission (armed recce in a spitfire) is different everytime. How do you give units or statics a % chance of spawning on mission start, if you can do that?
  14. From Mudspike AMA with Wags: DCS Mosquito… dream or reality? Very much a reality! You can expect it in 2020. https://www.mudspike.com/mudspike-ama-with-eagle-dynamics-senior-producer-matt-wagner/
  15. There aren't any in-game screenshots yet, trust me I've looked :) Think we can expect a lot more Mossie material after the thunderbolt pushes into OB
  16. Came to report this issue, but found this thread. AI aircraft cannot approach runway 10 without crashing straight into trees.
  17. From a report on the trials of a bomber Mosquito :book: "Single engine flying was carried out with each engine feathered in turn and it was found that the Mosquito can maintain height and climb comfortably on one engine, there being enough rudder trim available to enable the aircraft to be flown hands off. Again the bomb load of 1,000 lbs. appears to make very little difference to the singled engined handling. Turns with and against the live engine were carried out with ease." Does hands off include feet?
  18. Haven't used the mission editor very often recently so these only don't already exist AFAIK -Have any object/unit be assigned to any country -Multiple factions and being able to edit the relationships between factions -Settings to move objects in the Z dimensions -Settings to automatically populate airfields with static objects with settings for time period (modern/WWII) and what amount of which aircraft, instead of placing them one-at-a-time -Place moving trains on tracks -Settings for civ traffic (how much traffic, what type i.e boats cars planes etc) -Have every weather on every map, i.e snow, temperatures -A tutorial, or an exhaustive up-to-date manual on the mission editor
  19. Mosquito was very capable of flying on one engine, as long as the engine wasn't lost at low speed and low-alt i.e. take-off or landing as that could invert the aircraft in 1-2 seconds See the film of one of Geoffrey de Havilland's mosquito displays from about 3:10 to 3:45 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060020995 And this one of a FB Mk VI between 9:10 and 9:30 https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060021032
  20. Strange as well how the book says it's a B IV when it's a FB VI? Any info on the navigator in the DCS FB VI so far?
  21. From the squadron record of events February 1944: "February 21 Up: 10 15 Down: 12 00 The crews were briefed at 08.00 hrs. A/C marshalled at 09.00 hrs and main briefing was at 09.30 hrs. The take-off was at 10.15 hrs. The visibility was quite good although there was 10/10ths cloud. A good landfall was made and the climb was started. The cloud base was higher than anticipated and two a/c were separated through this reason. However they formed up before reaching the target. The target was extremely difficult to find and some aircraft made two runs over it. One a/c bombed the wrong target and one did not bomb at all. 11 a/c returned safely and one was damaged by flak." https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D8405961 The fact it was a daytime raid and the reference to flak damage suggest flak sir :thumbup:
  22. Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib Low-level interceptor/fighter-bomber Would be a great complement to Normandy, the Spitfire Lf IX, the upcoming de Havilland Mosquito FB VI and any upcoming WWII Western European maps
  23. Careful now, the Mossie's known to be susceptible to water damage...
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