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  1. Good to know in deed. Thanks for the heads up, guys.
  2. The newer 8KXs are locked to 90 Hz? Thats really bad for DCS players because you will never achieve 90 fps and the image will stutter like hell. Not really sure if you can get a smooth experience with 45 hz and motionsmoothing which gives ghost images for fast moving objects. For example when dogfighting
  3. The question is not about the advantages of DGFT mode but when it is essential to use it. This is rather because of how locking targets works and not so much about the information or look of the HUD. Thats a secondary thing that comes with DGFT mode. At close range you need quick radar lock / aquisition via the ACM modes or the JHMCS, whereas you will use the radar cursor and the radar screen itself to lock and identify bandits in Missile or the normal mode. That takes a lot longer and is not desireable in close air combat situation. Thats why you'd use DGFT mode.
  4. Everything sounds sweet concerning the 12 KX. Except I am afraid there is currently no PC which can run DCS for the 12KX. The 8KX brings most setups to their limits already.
  5. ..or it was at least not built as a guns only dogfighter. If it would have been, the nose authority would have been a lot better and the gun might have been canted up like in the F18. But if you bring the F16 in the the short range AIM9 missile area on the known dogfight servers you are racing and running around with a smile on the face shooting and outrunning almost every other aircraft. Cold war style. Speed is Life, Altitude is Life Insurance.
  6. Pretty sure its an air vent too. But I dont know why the hell I cant get rid of the imagination that a traditional center stick used to sit there before the engineers came up with the idea to equip the F16 with a fly by wire side stick and an aerodynamical unstable design. Which of course is complete nonsense.
  7. Lots of the "HUD" displays or whatever you want to call it are working in other vehicles too. At least for me. But the most important two things, the crosshair/ pipper and the target designator box are off. This is making me so sad. It feels like we are almost there for VR users. But just almost and a tiny bit of code is missing...
  8. The update did not change anything for me. If ALT and ATT dont work, STRG and HDG cant work either. The first ones need to be engaged for the latter ones to work. If just ATT (Pitch) seems not to work correctly, try to press the paddle switch on the HOTAS, bring the flight path marker to the desired pitch (maybe 5 degrees) and let go of the paddle switch. If that does not work, try to set a deadzone to eliminate unwanted control input from the stick. Although I never had it interfere in the F16 it is an issue in the F18. So why not try it in the F16 too.
  9. Its been quite a while we already had that discussion. Glad it popped up again. I find it annoying in VR that you have to keep your head perfectly still to operate the cockpit. You shpuld be able to decouple the mouse from the head movement. Just try it in Xplane in VR. It works great. If the mouse cursor is on the limits of your view it just gets dragged by the outer extents of the view. I would like to point the mouse on a switch and see the result of it in the HUD. For example toggling waypoints in the F16. I would love to hover the mouse over the switch, then move my head and eyes away to the hud and see where the waypoints are located as they jump in the HUD while toggling by clicking through them. And please dont tell me to bind a HOTAS or keyboard key on the waypoint switch. I know I can do that.
  10. What the ?! Thats is absolutely genius. Yeah I was about to ask the same. With the FM now being adjusted its time to learn and memorize some graphs for different fuel loads and altitude levels to get the maximum turn performance.
  11. Manual use of flaps in the F16? Oookey, well. Last time I used manual flaps in an F16 sim was in 1993's strike commander It wrote the word "flaps" in the HUD back then, hehe. In the meantime I guess it has become quite common knowledge that the FLCS will operate the flaps automatically for you. If manual operation gave you an advantage I would consider it a bug too. EDIT: Be advised, in your first video you never pulled more than 6G. Fighting AI, no matter what difficulty level is no benchmark. Go on a dogfight server with real people and experience people jinking your gun shots or making you overshoot... just saying. I have not tested the updated AI but I doubt it will jink, or trick you into an overshoot situation. Its not quite there yet and I doubt it ever will.
  12. I am not really sure about my opinion yet. I did not have much time to test the new FM yet. Yesterday I had my first couple of fights on the DCS dogfighter server. But in the public guns only area, not 1vs1. I did not change my Viper BFM tactics compared to before the FM update. Got a few more kills than before due to the higher G onset. But if you think about the Viper now being the latest and most realistic jet DCS has to offer with the most public data available, if the other aircraft are just overpowered it all makes sense. So just be proud to dare to go up with a realistic Viper against all the other aircraft. When the FM update came out I could not play myself but only watch on a weak laptop. Everytime I watched a Viper explode it was in a 1C fight. Maybe it is still misunderstood how to fly the Viper against other players. Fighting AI is a different thing. Dont do it. You'll adapt bad habits.
  13. I would expect the wings to be bent up if the over G is not enough to break them. But the flight performance should not be that great any more.
  14. Of course my idea is not really meant serious. ( although generating a little public shaming for people constantly over g-ing would be quite a bit satisfying) We have multiple issues here that have been discussed a lot already. Gamers are doing exploits. How does an F18 fly with a pulled paddle? Is there an EM diagram for that case (for our DCS US Hornet which is only approved for 7.5 G) ? Pretty sure there is not. And there is no EM diagram applicable for a F14 fighting with deployed flaps either. And also these endless discussions about Mr. F14 captain Snortgrass, almost crippling his F14 for a kill and boasting about it in front of an audience. Sure you would do everything to survive in the real thing. But would real pilots harm their aircraft for a kill in a training mission? I doubt it. So what are we doing here? Fighting for our lives or just "training". People can chose the mindset they bring into this game and into a dogfight. If you enter a dogfight server and your mindset is fighting for your life: you will pull the paddle all the time. If your mindset is "training" your game plan would not include the paddle switch. In the end the only real solution is what they did in folds of honor monitoring the g limits. Some people liked it others did not. Red or blue pill question.
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