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  1. This would be especially helpful for sandbox style missions where you want the option to jump into any aircraft you own. Having spots claimed by invisible aircraft is inconvenient; especially at fields with limited spawn locations.
  2. When jumping in to a wingman aircraft with his burner lit ("Jump into selected aircraft - RAlt+J") the burner graphic and sound remain on regardless of throttle position. The throttle remains controllable and the correct rpm sound can be heard below the "stuck" afterburner sound. In the attached screen shot the aircraft is shut down, completely cold.
  3. I hope this gets the same treatment as the AOA indexer. They initially said unusably dim in daytime was correct but ultimately compromised and turned it up. Been trying to fly some day IMC ACLS approaches and not being able to see the annunciator panel is a hassle.
  4. Apparently customs delays are still a thing. My headset has been stuck at FedEx for a couple of weeks. Varjo contacted me asking for an Importer Identity Form (CBP-5106) but I contacted FedEx directly and they said they are waiting for a Statement of Anti-Dumping Duties from Varjo. Not sure what triggered all this but I don't like the look of the 5106. I've never been asked to declare myself as an importer before and probably wont give up the required info just to get a toy.
  5. I'm finding that I can spawn an AI F/A-18 group but only if they are airborne. If the F/A-18 group is set to "Takeoff from runway" on the carrier, I will not get Mode1 or tadpole. If the exact same group is moved off to the side and spawned in a "Fly over point", ACLS works fine with successful Mode1, Tadpole and autopilot CPL approach.
  6. When Redkite presses the nose wheel steering button CMD CONTROL illuminates and A/P REF extinguishes. For me CMD CONTROL illuminates but A/P REF stays on.
  7. Yeah, lots of irl stuff can cause an airport to land with a tailwind (terrain, noise abatement, traffic from nearby airports etc.). I've played with the wind and it is as you say (Humorously, Kobuleti tower will turn the field around at 6 knots but will not turn on the ILS until 7 knots). Having airports prefer to land opposite their only available precision approach presents some challenges. I'm trying to create a multi-crew training mission and I want approaches but I don't want wind. At any rate, I agree with @Nealius, just turn them all on for now. If more robust ATC provides better solutions later then revisit the issue.
  8. "Always on" is probably the simplest way to go (although I would prefer the ability to define the active in the ME). I can't figure out the logic used for determining the active. Senaki, Kutaisi and Kobuleti all have an ILS that lands east. All three prefer to land west, opposite their available ILS, unless you force a runway swap with wind.
  9. Hoping they go for the AH-1W. The Army is now well represented with the UH-1H and Apache. It would be fun to able to fly Marine Cobra's off the Tarawa alongside the Harrier.
  10. Tankers: - KC-10 - A330 MRTT - KC-135 with working "Iron Maiden" (boom drogue adapter) KC-97 would also be fun
  11. Thanks for bringing this up. I get this on the A-10 as well. I thought it was either just my eyes or my headset (Valve Index). The HMD display always appears up and slightly to the right for me. It failed alignment when I tried to force it down using the built in alignment system. The symbology overlaying external objects (other aircraft, mark points etc) appears correctly over the associated item, just not in the center of your vision. The problem is exacerbated by VR headset sweet spot issues causing the HMD display to be blurry as well as misaligned.
  12. This technique seems to be working best for me. The stick is a good benchmark.
  13. Korea - Totally agree - Great terrain, great potential for naval ops, good airbase infrastructure and plausible use of any aircraft from 1950 onward.
  14. Having a visible ball would be great. Should probably be considered a baseline requirement for a Supercarrier module asset.
  15. Cloud based logbook would be great. My logbook is currently an inaccurate mess because I bounce back and forth between two machines. Migrating to a fresh DCS install would be simplified as well. Expanding the logbook to include day/night traps would also be appreciated.
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