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  1. Keep in mind that you save 15 $ for every early access you buy. 2 $ is the average monthly salary in North Korea. So there is a lot to of money to be saved!
  2. Thx buddy, I learn new things everyday!
  3. This guy SA page looks different from my standard. What mod does this guy use?
  4. Loading 6 AIM-9x will make you fire all of them.
  5. I'm sorry to say but hornet is bugged. I can take of, fire one 9x (four 9x loaded), i can shoot of all amraams quick. But only one 9x it like the seeker goes silent after the first one is shot. Which is a pain in the when you are behind a f-16. TRACK FILE https://we.tl/t-Zc2Npvcebw
  6. A time ago i had several liveries for the L39, i can see the lost liveries in folder but i cant select them in the game. Any clues?
  7. I have tested in SP and there is does not jump around.
  8. Can we please get a category for F-16 in user files. K THX BAI
  9. There is? I was looking for wall dispenser / panic button in setting but i could not find.
  10. If you are in MRM and have AMRAAMs selected how do you switch to sidewinders? In falcon bms you pressed nose wheel steering button and it swapped to sidewinders. How do you do it in dcs without pressing osb?
  11. Maybe mods can move this thread to bugs section.
  12. Funny thing, I was about to go here and post the exact opinion.
  13. True, but it only jumps around the f18.
  14. Hello everybody its me! I have warthog and on the hornet and viper and i have binded to joybutton_24 (EAC Arm On/Off). On the hornet when i move the switch to up, the refueling probe extends and when i turn it off it retracts. But on the viper i turn it on and the door opens. When i move the switch to close, it does not close the door, nothing happens. So i want the switch to operate the same way as on the hornet.
  15. I assume that the pipper should not jump around while you are in guns, right or wrong?
  16. Whats the difference between med and high PRF, which one should i use when?
  17. Does external lights work? I might dumb as f. I tried different options to turn the lights on. The taxi/landing lights does not seem to work either.
  18. Have been missing this module since a quit playing falcon.
  19. Update is 500 and module is about 500
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