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  1. You really go the extra mile for us! Thanks!
  2. Then how come I can release my trim... fly around for a few minutes without ever trimming... release trim again and the helicopter rolls hard and pitches up even though im maintaining cyclic position?? I think the SAS channels and the Trim are linked.
  3. All these are doing is just placing items on a map and then giving you a mission. Then when you finish the mission it moves the items and you go again. The best we have right now is that a campaign Engine makes decisions, and creates a mission file. But once that mission is created and you enter 3d, the campaign engine has no input on strategy, and receives no output, on how things are unfolding. It cant react to a miscalculation or an advantage by retreating, sending in more troops, or scrambling a plane for CAS. It will only have the missions and packages it planned before the mission file was created. Basically at that point it is only as 'dynamic' as the DCS AI. Until a programs has the ability to see and manipulate in game assets in real time while the player is in 3d, it can not be dynamic.
  4. Just happened to me as well. No track, but no matter what I did bomb would not drop. Stores page says RDY Ironically the TTG or LASER countdowns would still show in the hud. And the laser would fire as if dropped.
  5. Am i blind? Is there a way to get jester to switch to manual bombing?
  6. Is there a way to have the altitudes of donor contacts show continuously on the SA page without having to place the cursor over them or stepping? Also, is it possible to have donor contacts on your radar DDI show altitude like the do on the SA page? Is this realistic? Seems like it would greatly improve SA and make radar manipulation much more fluid / efficient.
  7. Id assume the target would get a launch indication due to the phoenix being launched semi active in stt. I would assume it would switch the radar to a guidance mode (cw?) similar to the aim-7. I also thought the aim-120 acted in the same manner and that it would only not indicate launch if the missile was launched in tws. I could be wrong..
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