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  1. Wrong. What part of open for external beta do you not understand?
  2. Besides the external beta part,aka open beta release?
  3. Up until now there has been zero transpersncy about what this update really means. Simply throwing the atc acronym around is as vague as it gets. What are we getting? What are the atsu's that are being modelled?
  4. Disgusting how a company will throw under the bus their loyal employees.
  5. Last i heard it was supoosed to be released last year q3
  6. Получит ли когда-нибудь наземная техника системы активной защиты?
  7. It probably was. They are using it as a buzzword to get away with skipping features.
  8. This thread is called progress pictures yet 99% of this thread are just comments
  9. It seems currently it auto refreshes without the ability to disable auto refreshing. Let me disable it.
  10. Sorry i meant to put a , before the word again. Currently you cant trial it.
  11. "No documentation" I suppose all the other threads about this where people posted videos and images went into the shadow realm
  12. My wish: dont take it out of ea without being fully complete from an objective pov
  13. GR indepth tutorials? Since when have they ever done those?
  14. Looks like it was a thing even before this century.
  15. What does this tag mean? It has heen talked alot about it ,has been shown videos and poited out at frm and 746 that the aq gate is suppoaee to expand until it reaches the moving target
  16. This thread is about people revealing their dirty little secrets. Mine is that i like searching really old posts to react to them only so they get pinged for nothing.
  17. Realistim is not pesimism and it woudnt be the first time they abandoned this 70 euro module for viper
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