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  1. Don't remember any squadron carrying the walleye in 2007, but here it is.
  2. Just after we get AARGM's and SLAM-ER.
  3. If memory serves me correct any drop tank has to either be full or empty so it doesn't slosh around on trapping.
  4. One thing that really helped me get to being able to AAR was putting an extension on my hotas.
  5. I remember fondly of my time in the Navy when I was a lowly ATAA asking my AT2 what the acronym he told me to go pull stood for and getting that deer in the headlights look.
  6. Load up an instant action ready takeoff mission and before I click on the fly button I can see both ddis. As soon as I click on fly the hud, ddis, and mpcd blank and nothing I do brings them back. I am on the latest beta. Only mods I run are Helios, Vaicom Pro, and tacview. Tried repair nothing changes. If I do a cold start displays never show up. Edit: only happens for F18. A10C2 has no problems.
  7. About every 3-4 updates it turns game mode and force feedback on on me.
  8. Been a while but if I remember right I believe ground maintance mode (apu to windmill either eng but not actually start the eng) was limited to 30 mins at a shot.
  9. Shut downs for the rona lead to a lack of base parts being available to build. You see a lot of industry with limited production this year because of lack of raw materials.
  10. I do agree though there should be an option for start on the beach with wings folded I.E. just came out hangar for maintance first flight kinda scenario.
  11. Wings fold drive is actually electrically driven not hydraulic. You can fold wings by reset power then putting 4 to B. If you really like your students to press buttons and switches find a copy of the Pro A launch preduces. It will basically have them go through most everything.
  12. When I was a plane captain the verbal exchange was quick hello sir how are you. After that it was your fuel load is XX.XK pounds, all your pins and their ball bearings are accounted for (while showing the pilot the pins), and the ducts have been dived. If he didn't have any other questions I would stow the pins in the pin bag and start closing the open av bay doors. Once aircrews walk around is done I would be standing by ladder to stow it after they got in. After that take position on stbd side to do the launch. If no problems happen during the launch their isn't anything verbally spoken from getting in cockpit to taxing out.
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