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  1. Links are dead. could you update it? please
  2. could you add CATM 120 for F/A-18C? thanks
  3. No relevant news has been heard so far. official may go for Ticonderoga MK-26 since already has Ticonderoga VLS. so maybe choose some non-mainstream ships? Such as CGN-9 / Virginia class / Leahy class / knox class / Iowa class 1980 Refit (my personal wish)
  4. An UV map and an AO should be very helpful for make template.
  5. How do I fix the upside down US flag of America class? thanks I've try rotating flag texture. but no effect.
  6. Ver.1.0.1 Some mapping problems and model misalignment.
  7. fixed by remove Super Hornet/Growler mod I still have A-4E-C/Alphajet/CAM/F-22A/Hercules/MB-339PAN/MiG-23UB in the mods folder. works fine.
  8. AFCS Pitch & Roll will be cut off after pressing autopilot emergency disconnect paddle.:(
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