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  1. Happened to me today, it was because i was pulling some collective and the starter can't overpower the torque. Make sure your collective is all the way down on startup.
  2. Its a hot start mission, the radios are already on and working. This is probably some trigger problem in the mission. Also even if the volume is down I should see the radio text but I don't.
  3. Ye I figured it out works fine if I do it right
  4. As title say, I'm supposed to get instructions on 251, I have it tuned but I never get any orders. I checked the missions editor I'm supposed to get the first com at W02. Also I have an AI wing man, but the mission never tells me it's radio , it is 127.5 as I figured out from the editor as well.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something but if I do a clod start, fly around, land, and engage the parking brake it does not work, the helo just rolls freely.
  6. Thx for the info at least I know I'm not messing up something.
  7. Every time I turn on altitude hold and press the NWS button to engage it the jet pitches down so hard it throws the AP off. I have to pull back on the stick to prevent it, but if I pull to hard then it throws off the AP instead. It is a pain to engage it. Am I doing something wrong ? is this realistic? is this a bug ?
  8. @CHPL Mission Accomplished ! I had so many hole a swiss cheese is airtight compared to my helo great mission. So all in all there are no errors in the mission its just very tight.
  9. Ah now I get it, thank you for the tips, great campaign by the way.
  10. Ohh the smoke is the enemy position ??? The radio communication IIRC says: "Mark YOUR position" talking to Alpha I never shoot towards the smoke afraid of hitting friendlies. I'll try it again tomorrow
  11. Mission just ends, no crash, and the text is so fast I could not read the message why it is ending. I kept trying with some shortcuting I managed to get past this point in time. So it is just some timing issue. The helo is heavy and I could barely keep speed at 100, more like 90 if I had to climb even a little. If the failure text would be visible longer so I know I failed the time I think I would have figured it out sooner. So even if you change nothing with the missions, you should ensure that the pilot can read the reason while the mission failed. Now I'm struggling with what to do with all the enemies I don't have enough ammo to kill all and I never was told to land anywhere so I ended up circling until they shot me down
  12. Hi I'm having this same problem, I'm flying there as fast as I can following the river, the engine is ITT limited so can't keep max torque but almost (ITT is in the yellow) I'm doing around 100. The mission ends exactly where OP described it, I did 3 runs, on the 3rd I went slower just to test it and the mission ended exactly the same place (I was at least a minute slower), just before turning right from the main valley. Something is not ok. Or the margin is too tight in the mission, I will give it another go with disregarding the engine's scream of suffering , I wonder if It will quit before I get there. I will report back. PS.: Failed again also if I try to fly the mission again without restarting DCS it will drop the FPS down to 5 and max out the CPU usage, something happening in the mission if it is not a clean start.
  13. I managed to do it, some markings on the board helped, then I played some shodoku with a multi meter, a bit of trial and error and here it is: As you will see it is completely different , I have a feeling the colors does not really have a meaning and every production run might had different, but still here is my list maybe it helps someone: NSS_HT(orange) MOSI(black) LED(brown) GND (green) GND(yellow) MISO(blue) +5V(purple) AD_RZ(white) SCLK(red) +5V(grey)
  14. looks like the X-55 is different then, I read that they are the same but that is probably about the throttle part then. Thanks
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