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  1. Possibly, so what is correct? I have not bound a PTT button in VA other than enabling the houstick and POV as far as I know. Am I missing something? Again, only affected in Fear The Bones campaign and F-14A, no other missions. Best, DS
  2. F-14A consequently recognised as Hornet on the carrier. No spread wings command - nose strut extend command and getting hornet ball calls from pilot when calling the ball. Slow speed calls from LSO when on speed. DS
  3. Experiencing this bug in the Single Player Fear the Bones campaign from Reflected. Thought it might be a F-14A problem, but tried the instant action missions and VAICOM works in both the -A and the -B model. Loading up the campaign, and immediate "listening suspended" issue. T-45 mod is only mod installed. Every mission is affected so far. Best, DS
  4. Any way to have a Sticky with known bugs or other info such as this dealbreaker with the patches? I just wasted 3 hours of my life circling above the Perry, I figured something was wrong when the Hornets used 1,5 hours before doing their task, and when I was bingo I was alone in the whole world... DS
  5. Different engines on the jets, GE in the F-16C and Pratt and Whitney in the AM, so different procedures for the shutdown. A 10 sec "run-up" is used for PW engines before idle-cutoff. Best, DS
  6. @NineLine Have the team talked about this at all? Would be nice to have a (later in EA)/(after release) tag to the posts about DTC, JMPS and mission planning overall. If you don't plan on it, it would be nice to know that as well so we can move on in our lives Best, DS
  7. I mean both, NAV lines and geo lines, but also points like targets and threats. In JMPS (unclass) you can assign different functions to "lines" and have them appear with different looks, differentiating a route (waypoints) from a FLOT, or a FAOR or whatever you like (dashed - full, red,yellow cyan etc). Indeed, a core function and extremely basic, but alas not found in DCS yet, sadly.
  8. Roger that, my experience is limited to Block 10/15s, so anything to bring the Viper up to par with atleast 10's functionality is welcome
  9. That map must be a block 60 thing but yeah, both bullsye reference, bullseye under cursor and the different colours of lines are shown there. Of all the complex system of the Viper this surely should be low hanging fruit for ED to implement, right? It would increase the playability of the F-16 ten-fold, DS
  10. I totally get you mate. I was wondering myself if the only way to get a realistic arrival sequence was to "force" the player flight to the tanker (just for a rejoin or dry hook-up) and when the player is busy, despawn every single AI and respawn them on a perfect approach in a straight line with spacing between each jet. Nah, I hope by voicing our grievances that ED might push on the ATC side of things instead of more jets or helicopters. The world should come alive someday (without making mission designers go mad in the process! )
  11. Putting the flight into trail and then ordering an open formation seems to keep them from flying into the ground. On my attempt, Springfield's HARMS actually killed the SA-10 seach and track radar, so there was little left for us to do than mop up the rest of the launchers. One peculiar bug I had was with Colt 1-2 dying mid-air. The exact moment is visualised here, he just disappears mid-air. There was no SAM or AAA fire, and from his hud-view in tacview he is well above the ground (same level as the rest of us).
  12. Good morning, First of all, I'm enjoying the missions in this campaign, the documentation etc is also very good. I'm having a few issues with the arrivals. I know there is an inherent weakness in DCS with the lack of ATC, but I believe we can manage it in a better way than it is at the moment. For example, the SOP says use of ATC is optionable, and we can fly whatever arrival we want. This frequently puts the player in hazardous situations, and at more than occasion have I had near-misses with other aircraft at final. If we look at this overview of an arrival from mission 3, we se myself flying a tacan/ILS approach according to the charts, I have no idea what the rest of the flight is planning, but it looks like they are heading to a holding/marshalling pattern with the rest of the package. Again, I know it is not the mission designers fault, it is DCS code, but crashing with the AI on landing is a total immersion killer, so lets discuss some options. We know the AI enters a pattern on landing, regardless of IFR or VFR. We know where that pattern is and we know where ATC gives you a "cleared for visual, contact twr" and subsequently a "cleared to land". In the instances that you don't get a "cleared for visual", we can assume that you are not, and therefore must execute a missed approach at a certain distance from the airfield. My suggestion will then be to include all this into the SOP and state that "if you do not recieve a "cleared for visual call" you are to enter a pattern at X-feet and try to hit the markpoint untill you are cleared..." etc. It is not realistic at all, but neiher is crashing into a F-15 at the threshold when you're flying vectors to ILS under radar control by ATC, so it could be a workaround, just by describing what to expect from the AI. I would also love a few more pre-recorded transmissions from Nellis tower, like the ones in Sedlos Red Flag campaign. I like the spacebar aknowledge system, but I understand other people do not. It gives me more immersion to hear more realistic atc and departure comms, when the system doesn't work, voiceovers is a fantastic replacement My two cents, Best regards, DS
  13. Experienced the same, went hunting for Tomcats well into Iran and even killed them with guns. Landed at the boat with 80% success and got to go to the next mission. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhrkYkCt37jkmyKfLjferhPpdAbJ?e=dv0hHb Radar issues after the last OB update makes it a challenge to kill the Fencers at distanse, but doable in the end. DS
  14. I understand, the answer is still the same. It does not matter if you hide it in the Mission Editor, when it goes active in the mission and emits against you, it will show up on your RWR, even if you cannot see it on your F10 map.
  15. No, if they emit they will show up on your RWR. Guys, SEAD is not a one aircraft operation, or even a task of 4 F-16s or Hornets alone. It requires a deliberate intelligence operation through the use of many external assets and perhaps special forces on the ground to find and track mobile sams. You'll want Rivet Joints in the air, you'll want Growlers to jam and suppress, you'll spend hours and hours of mission planning. Even in DCS it's not easy, take Scarlet Dawn MP mission in Syria as an example, most of your harms will get shot down by supporting sams in a integrated air defence system.
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