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  1. Yep very sad… it was a really cool project
  2. there was even a mod to change the external model and weapons to the gripen... but I cant find any download anymore
  3. For me is harder to fly than the hind. I never touched axis curves... (neither for the hind) Until apache came. hind "FCS" feel much better. I a little regret buying it... there are missions in which I have no problem finishing them with the hind, while with the apache they are almost impossible for me. I can beat SAM groups in a blink with the hind while with apache I have to reduce their interception range by 40% A lot of fancy systems for nothing... The beauty of the possibilty to create a TSD point while a tor is shooting you down. At least is fun to operate in gunner position. But its absurd that I have to make easier missions for a more capable helicopter
  4. maybe thanks to the new tucano mod data you can complete/improve this one
  5. why ED should announce a plane that has already been announced? It doesn't make much sense. however, I think you're right, it should be one already mentioned. because otherwise, it wouldn't be an awaited aircraft... maybe
  6. Cant be Intruder, phantom, corsair or crusader because they're already announced. (except for A-6 but seems that heatblur will work on it)
  7. yep you're right, but when TG said they wanted to do the tornado too?
  8. if we follow your reasoning it means that there arent many options: F-35, gripen, rafale, tornado
  9. Nah V-22 has not enough "BOOM BOOM & BRRRRRRR" for ED and another thing; 111 and 117 arent part of the century series?
  10. yep I'm trying to work on that right now, but It's the first time Im doing something like that
  11. yeah but SPPU-6 is more terrifying: six barrel gun, 23 mm ammo, with 500 rounds, and the ability to move in two axis (while the SPPU-22 only moves in one axis). and su 24 can carry 2-3 of them Morkva, in case you are still interested, I have upload two models with 40 degrees of bank (one for left side and one for right one) if u need a better model or something tell me
  12. If you want to check I put a improved and cleaner model it's ''final 1.1.0x''
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