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  1. I have seen a whole episode on a TV channel many years so. Aim-120C5 was being field tested that day. There were air force personnel and Raytheon people during testing, and against target drones drone Aim-120C5 had a kill ratio of 40%. Its amazing that even though Eagles and flankers are models from 1980s technology, yet you expect them to work like 2022 technology
  2. I guess, it needs an update but I have no idea how new DCS works. To support my models please donate to paypal ID: hp.2084@gmail.com https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/hero2084?referral=hero2084
  3. Better model needs better drawings and better walksarounds.
  4. Sure not but thread hijacking?
  5. What mess is that? Are working on my model after reverse extracting it from EDM? I mean if you are making efforts I could suffice you with a better model.
  6. This model is not redone. I made the external model from scratch and I touched on a lot of inaccuracies in the cockpit model.
  7. Thanks for not paying genius. BTW community, this external model is made by me.
  8. Well I dont want secret stuff but only the known stuff. Flanker 1.0 was based on known stuff and not secret stuff.
  9. Any help from anyone on pics of any Su-30 model's cockpt and its flight manual might help us get what you guys need. This not from skate but myself.
  10. Hey andrey, Why dont you share the screenshots on the screenshot thread (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=58337), because they are not related in anyway to the project that Skatezilla and Gizmondo are doing. Also, you have the older version of the model before it was refined by me. Thank you..!!
  11. The max file of my model was only give to 2 guys and apart from Skate anyone having the max file is against my will. S125 asked for max file but was denied. It took me 3months and 12hrs daily to make the models and it is not for free distribution.
  12. The cost of DDR4 RAMs will go down in later half of next year. As all the electronics now a days are using DDR4 the companies producing the base material are facing problems keeping up with the demands and thus price hike.
  13. Just visiting the forum after a long time, searched for Su-30 and saw this post. Awesome work Skate. About the messy condition of the model, I am not sure but might be me as this was just my hobby and didnt know anything about how things are done professionally. So, thanks for the work that you are putting in and keeping the model updated. Regards, CombatAce
  14. wont this suffice the need of new Kh-15 model?
  15. I can send you the new extraction of the max file but you need to help me out. I am a bit off with DCS now days.
  16. I released them on <removed for filter bypassing>
  17. R-24R http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i348/hero2084/1_zpssj0ahulx.jpg' alt='1_zpssj0ahulx.jpg'> [/img]
  18. R-24T http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i348/hero2084/8_zpsnrgmodvp.jpg' alt='8_zpsnrgmodvp.jpg'> [/img]
  19. except KAB*1500, KH-25 and KH-29 rest are already released for DCS long ago.
  20. Kh-59 http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i348/hero2084/10_zpsvegengio.jpg' alt='10_zpsvegengio.jpg'> [/img]
  21. KH-31A http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i348/hero2084/7_zpsunekhwr4.jpg' alt='7_zpsunekhwr4.jpg'> [/img]
  22. R-40 http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i348/hero2084/8_zps7oomoosw.jpg' alt='8_zps7oomoosw.jpg'> [/img]
  23. KH-29 http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i348/hero2084/10_zpsrtowkst9.jpg' alt='10_zpsrtowkst9.jpg'> [/img]
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