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MiG 21 Not playing fair,.


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Hi all, I was playing a SP mission this afternoon. A medium difficulty for the Mig. I had to shoot down four enemy planes. Simples? Well I play with the Icons turned off so its always a little hard to spot other aircraft, so relying on my radar I went a huntin.

Geez is the Mig Radar awful or is it just me. The radar didn't get a hit on the 1st plane at all. As soon as he (Enemy) turned his jammer on I got that spike a treat but no sign of the plane. I even resorted to cheating with F10 to make sure I was even in the right vicinity. Nothing nada, zilch.

I know some may cry in its defence but really? From the outside view there was nothing to be seen. No vapour trails, no exhaust gasses and also no sound of the thing! Even when the map showed me right over him.


When I set up my own mission with various planes/ Heli's, I always find them. Sometimes with the radar as well LOL,



P.s Rant over

Helicopters!! Never trust anything that screws itself into the air!

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First of all, this complaint would probably go better in the Mig21 part of the forum.


Second, you must be mindful that the Mig21 radar is very limited. It cannot look down, it takes a few seconds to sweep a sector so you don't get immediate radar returns.


If an opponent is spoofing the radar with ECM you can use the ECM filter buttons right over the radar screen to burn through the ECM.


If you can't even locate the enemy while using the outside view, then maybe the problem isn't really with the Mig21.

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I don't fly the MiG 21 (yet anyway) but I've had similar frustrations in other planes. As I found out later, most of the frustrations were my own fault because I didn't really understand the systems.


I will agree that airplanes are extremely hard for me to see in the game. That isn't entirely the game's fault; there are a lot of factors that determine how things look in a game and games are limited with how they can deal with distant objects. I hate flying with tags turned on but I'm rarely successful with finding things without them even when I know where the things are.


I would say that a combination of the limitations of visibility in the game and system work is to blame here. Keep working on working with the systems in the MiG and you'll overcome most of the issues as you get better and better at using them. Good luck and happy flying!


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Are you sure you know in which directions the MiG radar detects, it has blind spots all over the show. I got this somewhere a while back, not sure if it will help you.


Also if you download Chuck Owls MiG21 Guide it shows you where the radar is effective and where it is not.


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MiG-21's radar isn't really meant to be useful as a situational awareness tool. It sometimes (kind of) is, but that's a side effect.


Docrtinal use of MiG-21 involves it being guided with precise heading and altitude directives from groun radar, and in Lazur version, apparent even aircraft flown automatically until contact with target by ground control directives.


After contact is achieved, than the radar is meant to be turned on and used more as a targeting system, than searching system.


In DCS, we don't quite use it that way so radar is rather difficult make good use of. Unlike 4th generation fighters flyable in DCS though, it can't depend on it's radar to find targets.


There are filter modes available that help with locking jamming targets, at least at closer ranges, but, closer ranges is what you can use MiG and it's radar anyway :).


So yeah, an aircraft started as 2nd and barely made into 3rd generation of jet fighters, against 4th generation ones, and also against AI who tends to cheat anyway, why would you even expect the game to be fair? :)


Most of MiG's fun is in the challenge :).

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