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what goodies?


I think this is as good as it gets for now:






From what has been said, LNS is working really hard on their other two modules which are supposed to be announced in late August.


I doubt there is much else to show on the F-14 at the moment, but at least we have a lot of renders and info from the website and prior updates. :D



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i thought the thread is about f-14 cobra maneuver:)


cant wait to perform that one.

That is not actually a Cobra maneuver....at least in the strict definition of the thing. I think the actual Cobra required that the plane gains no altitude in the process of pointing the nose up. But i could be nitpicking :music_whistling:

Current modules:

FC3, Mirage 2000C, Harrier AV-8B NA, F-5, AJS-37 Viggen, F-14B, F-14A, Combined Arms, F/A-18C, F-16C, MiG-19P, F-86, MiG-15, FW-190A, Spitfire Mk IX, UH-1 Huey, Su-25, P-51PD, Caucasus map, Nevada map, Persian Gulf map, Marianas map, Syria Map......ah yes, forgot the Super Carrier! Shows you how often i fly these days....

Modules in waiting: MiG-23, A-6, F-4U, F-8, Falklands Map

Wish list: South East Asia map, F-4J/N, F-15A/C, Su-27, Sea Harrier FRS.1, Mirage III, MiG-17.

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And it's called VIFFing in the harrier.


Surely the tomcat can have its own name, remember, "I'll hit the breaks and he'll fly right by"


Call it Mavving - that way no nitpicking!


Viffing is Vectoring in Forward Flight, it has solely to do with adjusting the directions the nozzles point, not the plane.

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Yes, that is Ilya on the left. Not sure who the third person is.





I think the third guy was a community member called "mysticpuma". He interviewed Oleg and Ilya about a new addition to the Il-2 universe, possibly the new sim: Il-2 BoB. It was at some kind of UK PC gaming event IIRC. This third guy is also present on the DCS forums I think.


Oleg was the best. With his awesome understanding of the english language, he was funny, even when he didn't mean to. Il-2 Sturmovik was the biggest and best flightsim ever!!

Happy Flying! :pilotfly:

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