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Map with Russia-Georgia borderline


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Technical question: How? :)


1. The map textures are contained in Bazar\Terrain\Surface\High\MapTexturesBMP.cdds.

2. I extracted the textures from it.

3. They are a group of small square textures and I reconstructed them as the entire map.

4. I overlapped a actual geographic map on it and traced the line.

5. I break the map into the tiles again.

6. I converted the textures from BMP to DDS.

7. I inserted the DDS images into the original cdds using LO texture tool.

8. I packed the cdds as a LoMan file.


I had to make up very small details of the line because the geographic map I used was not detailed enough. So the details must be a little inaccurate if you mind. :P

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