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Look at the Detail on This!


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Brand new skinner. This is up at lockonfiles.











Goose: "Wow , no one has ever been that close to a MiG-28 before"


hehehe! Nice work!





"Imagine the reason that people hold on to

hatred so stubbornly is because if the hate

is removed, the pain will set in. Do not follow where

the path may lead. Go instead where there is

no path and leave a trail."

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Someone give that guy/woman a beer. Or twelve! Hell, give'm a case!


These were insanely yummy.



Clustermunitions is just another way of saying that you don't like someone.


I used to like people, then people ruined that for me.

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I don't play online so I can carry whatever the hell I want! In my universe there's no MANPADS allowed either! lol :D


And just to be clear, I didn't make this skin. A bloke who goes by the handle FoxDie did. I just thought I'd post a heads up on a great skin, since he doesn't post here.




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Hello guys,


Glad you enjoy. Just got started on lock-on. (but better late then never aye?)


Currently moving house so im inbetween internet connection. But plenty more to come.


I cant take credit for all that detail, must of what you see was part of a template i used. I just painted between the lines lol.


More coming soon, so distribute my work wherever your local sites are.


Paul (Foxdie)


F15 next :thumbup:

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