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Wouldn't it be nice if TrackIR worked in Check-Six view?

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Wouldn't it be nice if TrackIR worked in Check-Six view?


I was justing taxing to the tarmac and turned a corner. Did a Check-Six to see if my A10 Wingmen was behind me, but couldn't see him because he was just to the left of the Check-Six view. I know some of you are going to say, 'It's for checking your six only'. But a real pilot could turn his head, and I was just trying to see my Wing who was right behind me, but couldn't.


Man it would be nice if I could use TrackIR in all of my Cockpit Views! :cry:

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Well you should be realistically limited to what you are in cockpit view, so if you can't litterally check your six as your view is obstructed by your seat, then how is it realistic being able to swivel your head to look perfectly behind and in both directions.


But regarding the check-Six view, you CAN move the view to the right and the left, and even forward, Just not with trackIR. You move it with the hat.




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It is perfectley realistic for a pilot to look behind them, they dont swivel their head, they just lean either side.


therefore we need 6dof in every aircraft :)



actualy in total air war, as you rotated you head, the point of view actualy translated such that you can emulate the pilot leaning to look behind.

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I read over @ frugals where they were questioning a real combat pilot about the view limitations in F4 and he said he would turn his head when checking his rudder before taking off..so i think lomac's view is limited.

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You can move the F4 view. I've put all mine just behind the pilot's head & about canopy hight. You can look back & back + down, but the fuselage & wings obstruct your view. If you search there's a thread on how to do it.











I'll have a look & see if I can find it


heres the code: ( from bSr.L()Csta )




C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Config\View in the "server.lua" (open with notepad, and look at the bottom of the page)



function GetRearCameraPosition(iType)

local p = CockpitLocalPoint[iType]

local r = {}

r[1] = p[1] + 0.1

r[2] = p[2] - 1.75

r[3] = p[3] + 0.1

return r[1], r[2], r[3]



1. You will need to add the vaule for the left/right panning "r[3] = 0" or centered, is the default.

2. The base location for the camera is in the middle of the planes model just behind the canopy.

3. r[1] is the length of the plane from nose to tail, r[2] is the height from the center of the planes model, r[3] is width from wing to wing.

4. The unit of vaule is 1.0=1 meter


I think that is all correct, good luck



from here: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.ph...hlight=F4+view


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Wouldn't it be nice if TrackIR worked in Check-Six view?

If you mean automatic switching to F4 view and back to F1 by just using your head (TIR), then it should be quite possible by using NewView.

In NV there should be set 1 keygen for generating keys F4 and F1, and 1 autogen which would control the threshold x_position value.

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the problem here is the view restrictions when you turn your head.

it's too limited and doesn't simulate "somewhat" of real life movement.


I've set my view limitations to show a quarter to half way into the pilot seat to accomodate for this limitation.

The F4 view take you outside of the cockpit...



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