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[REPORTED]PAPI Lights sytem


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^ You haven't been flying often enough from civilian airports them, 'cause PAPI lights have been there in Batumi and Lochini for at least 2.5 years (when I started playing DCS) :D.


@ Morpheus - I just checked flying around with free camera, in both unmodded game and with Starway's 1.1 scenery. Indeed, looks like PAPIs got glitched in 1.5.5 OB. They're either not rendered at all, or rendered only very close, but not displaying correct colour pattern. A legitimate bug.

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I'm not seeing any PAPI lights at Batumi... recently found out about them and saw them in a video talking about landing and they guy that made the vid was incindentaly landing at Batumi and he mentioned the PAPI lights. I had no idea what they were and looked into it and was excited to have a new tool to help me land properly.


Went to try it in Open Beta v. and nope... I don't have PAPI lights at Batumi.


Are they tied into the graphics settings? Object counts? Viewable Object distances?

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Same issue here. I quickly tested Batumi, Tbilisi and Kobuleti.

Even with landing clearance. All graphic settings @ max.

Probably a bug (or a hint about the ongoing work on the new ATC? :P).

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  • ED Team

Hi thanks for the PM


This is reported internally




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