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  1. Go to Users Files https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/
  2. Thank you will make a test, I did this for another mod for vehicles.
  3. I tried this mod and ....... impossible to make "Defender" to move, no problem with others (I have same issue with zodiac assy from Upuaut mod ....)
  4. You have also AliExpress, a team mate has one and he's happy with it, full compatible with Natural Point software clip is wireless
  5. No it's a mod, not a module so check if you have a "Rafale ......" folder in your DCS World\Mods\aircraft (first screen you made)
  6. .....\Saved Games\DCS version\Mods\tech\Massun92 asset pack. Just check you have not .....\Massun92...\Massun92 asset mod in your tech folder
  7. .....\DCS version\Mods\aircraft you have to create Mods and aircraft If they don' t exist
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