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I need a gunner!!!


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Looking for a gunner, someone who is ok with sitting left seat in the M for ops. I can fly the thing well enough, weapons employment has never really been my thing, so I'm hoping that someone who can speak passable English and would be available on Sunday nights (-5) that feels they can't fly as good as they shoot would be open to joining me!!



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Best thing you can do is to join a squadron...


My personal situation right now is quite complicated (I had a second baby two weeks ago) but I would love to fly with you. I also have a really interesting mission if you want. With some scripts done by me where you can ask for CAS to some C101 via F10 menú.


Stay alert, I need to do couple of changes and a proper documentation and I wll upload it.

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Out of curiosity, I fly the A10-C but was looking for a little change of pace. It might be fun to get even lower & slower and not need to pilot.


What would I need to do to serve as a gunner.

Is this something (a role) I can offer to others in a multiplayer server environment? Is there demand for that service....seriously?

You mean I can sit at home while manning someone's weapons systems....assuming they are competent enough to fly?


What software do I need to be able to do this?


Can you tell me where I can find out where/how/when to get into the virtual environment. I played America's Army online but never a Flight SIM.


My current SIM hardware/software is listed below; does this meet requirements to 'play this role'?


Please advise, this might be a new career since my A-10 piloting needs a break. I need to diversify my skill sets.



USB Hardware:


TM HOTAS Stick & Throttle (mapping keys)

TM Cougar MFCD

Saitek Cessena Footpedals

Razer Orbweaver keypad (more mapping)


DCS Software:

DCS World

DCS World 2 (NTTR)

Asus B85 Pro Gamer - 32GB - Intel® Core i5-4460 CPU - SanDisk SDSSDXPS480G -Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

TrackIR5 - TM Warthog HOTAS Stick & Throttle - TM Cougar MFCDs - TM TPR Rudder Pedals - Razer Orbweaver - SoundBlasterX G5 DAC

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Hi avgwhiteguy. Im really new on dcs. been flying here since 4 months ago or somewhat like that.


But as far as i know, there is any plane/*module that provides what you want. we only have 1 seat planes, and a 2 seater the "albatros" but its a trainer, the guy sitting in the back of the planes doesnt manage the weapons that you would like.


I would really enjoy to be a gunner as well. so im waiting for a 3rd party developer called "Heatblur simulations" to release their F-14 tomcat that will allow this kind of gameplay. 2 ppl in the same plane and each one doing his own role in the aircraft. pilot/weapon officer or something like that.

As far as i know this f14 will be releasing late 2017.



pls anyone who thinks im wrong correct me pls. i may be wrong.



btw: reading the op... holy! theres a chopper in dcs that can have 2 players in it??? its an insta buy for me.

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I7 7700k - Msi Z270 Gaming+

GTX 1070ti

16gb @2400

2x Samsung 850EVO 250/500 - 1x HDD 1TB


WIN 10


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I'm new to Gazelle, just bought it couple of days ago on Easter Sale. Like it a lot already!

I would be more than happy to put on my Rift and jump on board with a experienced pilot to go bust some tanks. I bet I would learn a lot :-)


I'm available prime time EU (18:00 - 24:00 Zulu). Drop me a pm or let me know what teamspeak server I should join and when and we'll give it a try.

Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 | i7-8700K | 32GB DDR4 3600 | GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE | EKWB custom loop water cooling | Samsung M.2 EVO 960 500GB SSD + 2 x Crucial 250MX SSD + 4TB HD | Asus PG348Q 3440x1440 | TrackIR5 | Oculus Rift CV1 | MSFFB2 w extension + Saitek X52 Throttle + MFG Crosswind | Windows 10-64

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